Saturday, October 30, 2010

Here we go....

I am completely aware, that I always "over do it." I always try to make everything home-made and perfect. It usually ends up home-made never perfect and sometimes on desperate occassions from a plastic grocery store container. I have not gotten over the shame of not doing everything myself. And I am not exactly sure where I get this from, because it is COMPLETELY NOT my upbringing. I have a great mom, she knows how to do a lot, she just never made herself do everything, and we NEVER had people over. Somehow, I got wired to want to have people over, but then to have to also make everything perfect. To the point that I drive myself crazy! So this week starts a week of projects: sewing my baby girl's baptism dress, knitting a sweater and hat and some cute hand mitteny type things for myself, that is all, and a week? With homeschooling, extra meetings, teaching a couple of classes at our co-op, I am sure I have time! I will try to add at least pictures as the journey starts. Warning: My hair may be crazy all the time and my house will probably be a mess in the background, but hopefully by next weekend I will have it all done and a little time to clean!

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  1. I think sewing a baptism dress is a great idea...depending on when the baptism is. :) The hat you have a picture of is adorable. I cannot knit or crochet and admire those who do.