Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap

Well.... I took a few days off, to enjoy being home with my family. We kind of took the whole week off, off of school, off of schedule, just pretty much off. It seems that Thanksgiving in my house always ends up kind of up in the air. We have hosted the past two years, and two years in a row our main guests, (my wonderful sister and her family) have had some major thing strike. Last year her husband tore his Achilles tendon the Saturday before and was in surgery the Tuesday before. This year, Sunday morning her 6 year old came down with strep-throat and then Tuesday her three year old as well. So both years we waited until Thanksgiving day to actually find out if anyone was joining us for dinner. And both years they forged through, making the five hour trek to share Thanksgiving with us. And I am very thankful they did!

This year we also started a new tradition. We started the morning trottin' with the turkeys! That is what they call the run here in town, the "Turkey Trot" It was so much fun! My eight year old did amazing! My five year old did a pretty good job. Here are some pictures....

There was a good turn out, over 1500 racers! (we were at the very back)our cheering team! (grandpa and 2 year old)

he had the best seat in the house!

Running to the finish line!

Karis and I finishing closer to the end, we were ending our 2 miles at the same time the 10k winners were coming in!

Determination, eye on the prize (the finish line had cookies and donuts-all the motivation this girl needs!)

A final push to the finish line!

We had a great time and a really, really good Thanksgiving!

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  1. Yeah for A & K!!! Tom and I did the 10K together a few years back and I finished with a guy 3x my age...but still loved it and wish we could make that an annual tradition (if somehow we could get our family to come to us).