Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top 10 Christmas Traditions... It's Beginning To Look a lot like Christmas!

Well, not here, but just north of here I heard they got a foot of snow! And, I cannot believe how many people are setting up Christmas trees early, before Thanksgiving. I say go for it! I love this time of year... the lights, the smells, the sights. I love it! There are a few traditions I will keep and a couple I would like to start (or restart)
1. Pajamas -- since I was a little girl we got pajamas on Christmas Eve -- to look cute in our pictures Christmas morning (although I dont think I ever looked really cute in any of those pics)
2. Put up Christmas Tree the weekend after Thanksgiving -- I actually have these really fond memories or going to cut down our own tree the first week of November as a kid, some friends of ours had a Christmas Tree farm and before they sent them out to the stores we got to come cut one, we then followed it with chili at a neighbors with friends from church also cutting down THEIR trees and singing Christmas carols. I thought we would have a real tree by now, for sure last year, but so far our little tree has hung in there. We missed putting it up last year until the week before because we kept thinking we would get a real tree, we never did, we put up the old standby and my two year old broke into tears when he saw the lights, I dont think he had seen anything so beautiful in his life!
3. Advent - so often I skip this part, I get so caught up in all the doing, I forget the need to prepare myself for this holiday so... we will be reading a part of the Christmas story each day and lighting our Advent candles
4. And for a craft/Advent Calendar -- Iwould like to make a Jesse Tree
5. Read this story as a family --I love reading with my family ay night, with hot chocolate or tea and everyone cuddled up together (well except for the two year old doing sprints down the hallway)
6. This one is going to be very hard for me -- but I want to make it a tradition that each child gets just one present from us, besides the pajamas listed in #1... My love language is gift giving, and I love to buy presents for my family, but I really feel like this is when I lose perspective!
7. Listen to this CD, (I did not know if they actually sold it anymore, but I found it on Amazon) it is a favorite of my husband's and mine, and it is really hard to get him to like my music
9. Drive around and look at Christmas lights
9. Make these amazing Chocolate Oreo Truffles, (I only let myself make them during the holidays )
10.Celebrate with family, we always spend Christmas Eve with my in-laws and this year we are heading to my sister's on Christmas Day
Well seven of the ten are tried and true traditions, three are new, we will see how they go, and hopefully soon it really will begin to look a lot like Christmas around here!

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  1. Mmmm - I'm going to have to make those Oreo truffles - they sound awesome (I think I had something very similar at a wedding last year - so good).

    It is hard to tell which words have a 'link' in your text - you might try changing the link color (in your Design tab, template designer, advanced...I think).

  2. oh, and I like this 'top ten Tuesday' thing, I may have to join you :)

  3. Lindsay, Thanks, I did need to change the color, and you should definitely write a Top Ten Tuesday list!

  4. my sister made oreo truffles and said they were delicious! We also almost always did the PJ thing :)

  5. Heather, those truffles look divine! I liked reading your list so much. I sometimes get tired before the season starts thinking of all the "doing". I think making a list would be helpful to me to prioritize and make sure the things that are lasting are the ones that actually get done.

  6. I remember the year we cut our Christmas tree and had chili with church folks. I have a very clear memory of the house we were in. Don't have a clue whose house it was...