Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things I Love Thursday--- A Good Book! (A Review)

I have spent a lot of time reading this year. There has been a theme lately though... kidnappings... not on purpose, just how it ended up. But, most recently I completed Room by Emma Donoghue. Room, is about precisely that, a room. A room where a woman stays with her son fathered by her kidnapper. The story starts when the boy is 5 and is told completely from his perspective. This perspective is very different from any other person in the world since his world consists of only a very tiny space. Each object has a name instead of the door, it is just door. It is a remarkable story of the resiliance of children and what a mother will do for her child. The boy tells the story of his very busy life, "we have thousands of things to do every morning." which includes, doing laundry, gym class, and games his mother has made up to make time pass. (this gives whole new perspective to me as a mom when I now hear my children whine, "I'M BORED!") There is routine in his day and things he looks forward to. I do not want to give away what happens, but it does not get boring. There is more to Room than just the room. I highly recommend it. I was concerned it would be hard to read as a mom, but found it just the opposite. I was so proud of this mom. She handled her situation and its extremes much better than I handle my own day to day some times. But it was also realistic. As remarkable as she was she has her faults. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. It is a creative take on a subject that thousands of stories have been written upon. This post is submitted to Things I Love Thursday at Diaper Diaries.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday--- Ten Ways to Know, "Mom needs a vacation!"

It has been one of those years so far, where just about everything has gone not the way planned... husband loses his job (still no job promises and it is April), son takes first trip to the ER after diving into a metal thing that is in my couch for some reason, a week later... son is really sick and I am told by two different people that he should be O.K. BUT if he gets any worse take him immediately to the E.R. because it could be this deadly syndrome... followed by me falling down the stairs while home a lone with all four children resulting in a fractured foot. I have handled it all with a just few tears. Mostly I have held it together. BUT every once in a while life catches up with me. And I wish I came with a warning alarm, LOOK OUT! MOM IS ABOUT TO LOSE IT!!! Here are the Top Ten Ways to Know, Mom Needs a Vacation, I think I will make a copy for my children to keep on hand.

1. I spend more than an hour on the computer straight looking for places to vacation-- this one should seem pretty obvious

2. I put myself in more time outs than I do my children

3. I call my husband at 9a.m. to ask when he is coming home from work

4. I am willing to load up everyone to walk to the store (since my husband has my car) to buy a coke for some needed sugar/caffeine in the middle of the afternoon.

5. I say "yes" to just about everything my children ask because I do not feel like arguing about it (this one I will keep a secret-- I think it would be taken advantage of)

6. I yell at the top of my lungs, "I AM ON THE PHONE!" only to realize that I really am on the phone and the person on the phone may no longer want to be talking to me.

7. I yell again a couple of hours later like my three year old, because every once in a while I want him to understand what it is like to be screamed at ALL day long!

8. I am looking forward to just going somewhere after my husband gets home, I talk about it, plan it all day... even if it is just the grocery store or library-- but I am going. by. myself.

9. My children point out to me at noon that I am still in my pajamas and my hair looks kind of crazy. (this probably just adds to my need for a vacation, but probably not the best thing to say to a mom when she has been having a rough morning)

10. My FAVORITE... my six year old started writing hate mail today to give her dad about why mom is such a bad mom... she later explained that she would really think if she should give it to him, but do I understand how hard it is to be home with a mom who is having a rough day and there is no dad around? YES I understand, and I have a feeling if dad were around mom would not be having quite so rough of a day.

This is meant in good humor-- it has been a rough day for this mom, but all children are loved, laughed with and cuddled at this point, the house is quiet and tomorrow will come and a new day starts fresh. And hopefully soon a vacation!

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Magazine Review

Last Friday, my baby had her nine month check up, and I had to tote all four kids along. We were waiting in the waiting room, for what seemed close to forever, which always seems to be the case when you want your children to be quiet. My oldest asked if she could look at a magazine, quickly followed by the next two. She came back with a hunting and fishing magazine, I cannot remember the name, but quickly came to me with a look of disgust, "MOM! This magazine is about killing animals." Apparently that does not go along with the new club she is starting, "SAVE THE ANIMALS AND CHILDREN" So, she put it back and picked out a Family Fun magazine, much more up her alley. She looked through it and found THIS picture. She exclaimed that she HAD to make this. And the next day......

this is what she created on her own during quiet time... and her sister joined in the fun....

Well, our magazine adventure was not quite over that visit, my three year old son had been viewing Boy's Life. Which he grew tired of and went to exchange for a new one on his own, he returned with, Ladies Home Journal with Lauren Graham on the cover. I look at his choice, and commented, that one has a pretty girl on it. He looks at me with his sweet smile and answers, "YES MOM! I like pretty girls!" Followed by Verity's name for her appointment, phew!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top Ten Ways "Vacation" has changed with children

I was never one to go on a lot of vacations, but the occassional weekend away with my husband pre-kids was always so refreshing. I also have so many fond memories of vacation with my family. My mom was great at making summer camping trips the excitement of the year for me. SO, when I had children I was more than eager for a weekend or week away to relax and have fun with my children. Well, it is fun, adventurous, but definitely different. After returning from a week long vacation with my children which I did as a solo-parent, I have been thinking of all the ways "vacation" has changed for me.

1. I need a vacation from my vacation-- a solo one in complete silence and with lots of sleep preferably

2. I now plan my route along McDonald's play lands

3. I play in the pool rather than lay by the pool

4. I pack a couple of books for those "down" times, and get there only to realize I will not have ANY down time and I should have saved that space for extra diapers/changes of little person clothes/snacks, etc.

5. I no longer pack a suitcase and small bag for necessities, I know need an entire U-Haul to go away for a weekend, sometimes I wonder if we are going to have to choose between suitcases and children when we are trying to load up and come home.

6. I spend A LOT of money, my quick coffee or soda at the gas station suddenly turns into, 3 candy bars, juice boxes, and water. And EVERY TIME we stop it is at a gas station, and I have a hard enough time saying no to the chocolate bar, so we load up again and again.

7. I no longer have any control over what we are listening to in the car.

8. People actually do say, "are we there yet?" Little people in particular. And they say it every 5 minutes-- I thought that was just in movies

9. We will almost ALWAYS come back with some sickness

10. Home will seem AMAZING! And I am already planning the next one-- it is kind of like childbirth, once you get home, you only remember the good parts.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday--Choosing Joy

I had a whole blog post written full of rants and complaints, but thankfully I got most of it out to my running partner... So instead I am choosing to be joyful, because I have SO much to be thankful for! And two of my "I'm thankful for's" are....

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ten Things I have learned from Homeschooling...

So, I started homeschooling VERY tentatively, then with a little more confidence. I had a few expectations... hopefully they would get a decent education, some stability-- we have moved A LOT, and the ability to learn without a lot of distraction. What I did not expect was that I would learn something from it. So here it is 10 things I have learned from homeschooling.

1. History... I always found it boring in school. I never listened very well, and I am learning, actually learning SO much.

2. That learning takes time. I always thought I would sit down and teach my kids. I knew it would be hard at times, but I thought it would just work. They are smart kids, so why not? Well, it takes a lot longer to learn some things. I actually should have clued in years ago when my daughter, who was two at the time, was trying to learn her colors. I drilled her all day, she just could not get it. How? She had learned to count to 10 in five minutes. But colors did not work. And that is how learning is. There is no formula for how long/when someone will learn a new skill And sometimes learning takes time. Sometimes I need to pack it up and come back in a week or two.

3. Learning is fun. There is so much to learn and kids are naturally inquisitive. They want to learn and try new things.

4. Learning is not always fun. Sometimes it is just hard work. And that is OK. Kids need to learn, just like adults, that some things are worth working at.

5. Do not push it. I started my oldest at 4 in Kindergarten. I was determined to make her read. And I did it, but it was not pretty. And I should have waited. I should have let her play more. Kids only have so long to play.

6. Socialization is natural. It is what everyone worries about with homeschooled kids-- it is what I worried about keeping my kids home. Will they be able to function in a social situation? We are in gymnastics, gym classes, Bible Studies, AWANA, there is rarely a day my children do not interact with someone, and they completely get how to do it.

7. It might secretly have become my excuse to not clean my house:)

8. Each child is different. My children all look different, particularly my two oldest girls. And I have learned that they learn different, as different as they look... so just when I think I have it figured it out, it all changes.

9. I actually like my kids more, the more time I spend with them, usually. I am one of those odd people that likes people more the more I am with them, not the absence makes the heart grow fonder types. I tried working when my oldest was one, and I came home wanting NOTHING to do with her, even though I had been away from her for over eight hours. I would come home and put on the TV and sit, and ignore her. I definitely am tired at the end of the day, and I am sure I would love my kids a lot even if they were gone, and I would get used to it, but I am thankful I do get to spend so much time with them. I also have found that spending the day with them all day allows me to make amends when I am not liking them more.

10. I have learned that I am never going to make everyone happy, but so far it is REALLY working for my family, and so we will keep doing it, until it stops working. This is the one thing in my life I am really OK with leaving up to a year to year decision.

This post is personal -- not to say homeschooling is right or wrong, just my experience.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Wise Beyond His Years

My life seems to continue to be fuller than I thought. I am often hurrying through life. Then, suddenly some little bit of wisdom shows up from these little people I am living life with. This time it came from my 3 year old.

We made a visit to my hometown, it has been over a year since I have been there, even though it is just 2 hours away. Sometimes, it is just easier to stay put. I have tried a couple of times to make it up there, but something has come up.. sickness, snowstorm, more sickness. But, this time as a snowstorm threatened this trip one more time, I left early to make it up there.

We made a quick stop at my grandma's house. Just to say a brief, "Hi." That is when it happened. My little boy, rambunctious and 'all boy' JUMPED on his 80 something year old great-grandma's lap. He sat there looking intently at her hands. She seemed a bit shy about it, saying, "I know they are old hands." And they are, aged with years of living a really good life. He seemed so fascinated though, tracing the lines and rubbing them. And then he said it, he looked at me with a look of joy, "MOM! Come see them, they are BEAUTIFUL!" How, at the age of 3 does he know what it takes so many of us so long to learn, with age comes beauty. And that is what my grandma is, beautiful.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Top Ten Things I Said I Would Never Do...

I have this list in my head, this idea of who I want to be and what I want to do with my life. Amazingly there are some things I said I would never do with my life. My husband would probably find it hard to believe since I want to do just about EVERYTHING! But... this is the list of things I would NEVER do
1. Homeschool...
I am now on year four of homeschooling

2. Have 4 children...
Two sounded about right-- well until I had one, then I wanted 12, so 4 seems like a good compromise

3. Bake my own bread...
I have not bought a loaf of bread in several months, and I have an excellent whole wheat bread recipe if interested

4. Sew Clothes...
Have you seen project runway?!?! How can I not! (this one I am not that good at though- I hate following directions)

5. Can fruits and Vegetables...
This one has stuck, and I think it will, BUT I did make my first batch of strawberry jam last summer and CANNOT wait to do it again this summer!

6. Be a Homebody-- "I am a Stay-at-home mom that doesn't really stay home"...
I honestly no longer feel trapped if I don't have a car (unless I accidentally clip my daughters finger tip in effort to clip her finger nail)-- I LOVE to be home

7. Drive a White Car....
This one I cannot help, I do not think I was clear in my, "go ahead I trust you with the car situation" when sending him off to get a car, because in my head, people just do not buy white cars, well, unless you are my husband.. we have 2

8. Write a Blog...
ummm... it just happened, actually, there is a long story behind blogging, and I still fight myself over this one about every two weeks, but I am still doing it!

9. Read Blogs...
ummm...again, it just happened, BUT there are so many interesting people out there that can write, craft, story tell better than I... with different life experiences and SO many book recommendations. I had to give this one up!

10. Grow My hair to my waist and start wearing jumpers...
not that there is anything wrong with this, but I really have to draw a line somewhere, so if you see me start doing this, cut off my hair, and take me shopping, PLEASE!

As you can see I have stuck to hardly any of my "things I will never do list," unfortunately my "things I want to do list," is about the opposite... oh well, I need something to aim for.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Miss Karis Rose....

My little girl turns 6 today....An amazing Valentine's Day present.

She came into this world full of life... with a heartbeat of 199 bpm and doing somersaults on her birthday-- the nurses commented, "Some babies are just really excited to be born." She was excited in theory, not in timing.. my longest time in the hospital. Full of energy and doing things her own way is how she has lived her life from that day until this.

She came into the world looking nothing like my first little girl. I was actually afraid somehow they had switched my baby without me seeing. My oldest daughter being so fair with big blue eyes. And now this tan little baby with dark hair and dark eyes. She is mine. She stands out in our family to this day, in a family of four, she is the only one of my children that looks this way. And she can hold her own. She is beautiful, smart, funny, entertaining, dramatic, sweet, opinionated, wild and kind. I am so thankful God gave her to our family.

Happy Birthday my little Miss Karis Rose.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things I Love Thursday--- Sorrow

Now before you think I am one of those people that loves to throw myself a pity party full of chocolate and red wine-- which does sound good sometimes. I am thinking more along the lines of a sermon I heard a couple of weeks ago. At church one of the men was giving a sermon on-- actually I have no idea... sitting in church with a seven month old rarely allows me to hear a whole sermon. But one part did stick out. He talked about how we are so quick to hurry up to the blessing. To get to the good part. The, Romans 8:28 part, the "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." part. And we forget to wait in the sorrow part and let God minister to us there. There is something incredibly vulnerable about being completely out of control of a situation. Of sitting and crying out to God. I told my husband that I am a much better "Christian" when things are good. I LOVE to thank God for his goodness in my life. And I am really good at recognizing where all of it comes from. I am aware of my unworthiness and good at recognizing that all I have is from God. I can remember walking with my husband when we were newlyweds. We would walk for hours just thanking God for his goodness to us! But when things go wrong. I tend to "micro-manage." I do not wait on God. I do not take time to sit in His presence and be loved and held. So this week I am committed to sitting in sorrow-- not sorrow without hope. But sorrow. sitting and lamenting-- Sitting in the midst of our situation that is so much bigger than me-- and letting God take care of it.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Story of My Life

So, last night at midnight we were awoken to my little boy struggling to breathe and coughing like a seal. He often gets croup, but rarely does he sound like he can't breathe when he is not coughing. And he is crying hysterically. So I did what any normal mom would do, I wrapped him in a coat and headed outside since he is terrified of showers and I have heard crying can make it worse. He did not cry that I was bringing him outside, he just thought I was weird. He looked at me and said, "mom, can we go inside now?" So, we went inside, and tried the shower BUT he did panic hysterically. So, he decided to lay on the couch with his daddy for a while and calm down. We were trying to wait til morning to see if he got any better. We made it until 6a.m. with hourly checks to ensure he was still breathing. Then he came in my room still sounding like an old smoker. I decided we would make it to the walk in clinic at 7 to try to miss any busyness. I loaded up the car with my precious little boy, his blankie, monster guy and we started the 25 minute drive to the doctor. The whole time I am second guessing myself because he is starting to babble and talk with me and sounding a WHOLE lot better. We arrive at the doctor and the lady at the front desk starts asking me these really hard questions like, "When is your sons birthday?" and "What is your phone number?" On a normal day this would not be a problem for me, but being sleep deprived I honestly had no answers for her. It took me three tries to get his birthday right and I never did figure out my phone number. I had to ask her to look up my phone number on her computer. I had tried giving her my sister's number and my husbands, but my number was gone from my head. Once I got all that out and was completely embarrassed we sat for an hour and a half waiting for the doctor. At this point my son is RUNNING around the waiting room, and I am thinking why on earth did I bring him to the doctor in the first place. We finally get called in and are told, "Yep, sounds like croup. But he sounds fine now." "If it happens again, put him in the bathroom with steam" (I mention that my son is terrified of showers-- and the doctor just looks at me like I am crazy) and we are sent home. And my entire day is now thrown off.
So, tonight the plan is if he starts coughing to send him and his dad out for a McDonalds or Taco Bell run and some guy time at 1 in the morning, in hopes that the cold night air will clear him up and they can spend some time bonding.
And so it is, the story of my life... one thing after another, never going quite as planned, to make up the days of my life... But I wouldn't change it for the world!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowed In!

We got a lot of snow! I have shoveled for a total of 3 hours, and it is not done (the shoveling) but we are completely out of places to put our snow!!! Here are a few pictures!

our car

our driveway

our backyard

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Snowball Fight

I haven't written on my blog in a while, and it is because I have been in the middle of a snowball fight. Well, that is what it seems like. It has been a couple of weeks full of out of the blue stinging snowballs flying at my face and I cannot seem to dodge them no matter what.

There are all these little things that keep happening, some not so little that come out of nowhere and hit me in the face, knocking me down. Sometimes it seems impossible to get up, sometimes I don't want to get up because I know another one is coming. I cannot seem to dodge them.

One more minor incident involved clipping my daughter's fingernails, which ended up with me clipping her actual finger, which led to three paper towels covered in blood flowing from her little finger for 20 minutes, a baby screaming and a mom crying. I had no car, four children, and, thankfully, some other moms to help me when I could not really think straight, and one mom to take us all to the doctor.

Just when I had dried my face, I found my five year old explaining to me that she was at a church group we attend during the week, and a little girl who was her friend told her they were no longer friends. My precious Karis, who you have to love if you know her, was not angry, just confused. In a sweet little voice she explained it to me, "Mom, I thought I had three friends, but she said we are not friends, so I guess I just have two." She said it with a twinge of disappointment, but mostly just confusion and matter of factness. She so wants friends, and really struggles making them. I think it might be that she is second and a girl and has always relied on her sister for friends. She kind of marches to the beat of her own drum, but I wanted to hold her and shield her from a snowball that stings when you learn that the world is not fair. Telling her she is precious and loving her was what I could do at that time.

Then, picking my family up again we were bombarded with snowballs. The kind that make you cry they sting so bad. I cant really go into the detail of two that have hit us hardest, well me the hardest, because I want to respect privacy, but they have left me wanting to cry and scream and throw snowballs back, but I have nowhere to throw them. And then I start to feel like it is my fault, maybe I deserved it, maybe I messed up somehow. I know in my heart it is not my fault, but when everything starts to crumble, when all you planned starts falling apart and on top of it you are being attacked, it makes it really hard to see reality. I am working on praying and seeing how God is going to work this out. And I am going to tuck my my family in tight and try keep them safe from this battle in which we seem stuck in the middle.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Superhero Running

This morning I ran 7 miles. It is nothing remarkable in the world of running. BUT it was one of those runs that was so horrible, you hold onto it for weeks, and keep referring back to when you run and think, "man, at least this run wasn't as bad as that Saturday one." It is also one of those runs that you finish and you think, "I DID IT! and I DID NOT DIE" because that is all I was thinking during this run. My friend Tammy reminded me of the phrase several weeks ago, the one that says, "What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. " Well, my mantra through the run this morning was, "I am not dead, I must be getting stronger!"

It wasn't an awful day, probably 20 degrees, which is warm in WI for winter, but the wind off Lake Michigan was brutal. And the icy slush puddles on the road were freezing. I wore running tights with regular work out pants over. My pants by mile 2 were dragging in the slush, I kept looking to see who was running so loud behind me, no one, it was me. So, I dropped back, I did not stop running, I just slowed down. And at mile 3.5 when it was time to turn around I announced I was taking my pants off. Which caused some alarm I think to the men running with us. One shouted, but there is a car coming! Thankful for the warning, but I was just taking off one layer. The group kept on ahead of me, and I stayed behind. I was still running, and I was going to finish this run. My lungs and legs were burning, there were several spots I could cut short, but I didn't I pushed on and finished my seven miles.

I can remember one day talking to a man named Chris about an upcoming race. I had said, I hope it doesn't rain. And he said, I kind of like it when it rains. Then I feel like superhero. And there is something to it. That race I was talking about that I didn't want it to rain. It did, it poured. It was freezing cold and raining for at least half of the race, I couldn't see to start the race the rain was coming down so hard. And I did kind of feel like a superhero. Maybe a crazy superhero. But one who runs no matter what. And that is kind of how I felt also after today's run. Although it was not any crazy weather, unless you are not from WI and running in 20 degree snow is crazy, which many might rightly argue. But this was the superhero running that fights past everything in your body telling you to stop and finishes! I am thankful for this mornings superhero run!

Friday, January 14, 2011

I Hate the Color Blue!!!

Perspective, it is something my children give me. One day, my daughter, who was five at the time, refused to listen to me when I asked her to help her sister. After finally obeying, she still had to serve her punishment, which was five minutes in timeout. She begrudgingly sat. However, she decided her timeout would take place in the comfy chair. I made her move to her plastic blue chair in the hallway for timeout, where she turned to screams of “I HATE THE COLOR BLUE!!!” I stood in the kitchen, laughing at my daughter and her irrational anger over the color blue, what I really wanted was her to be remorseful for not obeying her mother. Why is it that when we are in trouble we can find everything wrong to complain about? When the going gets tough the world starts to fall apart around us. We can find something wrong with everything. When my husband comes home late, I all of a sudden hate that we do not have money for the new shirt that I want. When I haven’t slept in days because my baby is confused about day and night, I suddenly hate mornings and nights and just about everything else. I become irrational about life. When things do not go the way I want, I get angry. Just like my 5 year old, I want to stomp my feet and scream and hate the color blue because life just is not fair. So today I need some perspective.

Life has been a little crazy around here. As you can see from above, I have lost a lot of perspective. I am exhausted, overwhelmed and trying really hard to just keep it all together. Keeping my mouth shut as much as possible and praying even more. But, in the midst of chaos, I am thankful for the constants. And my favorite things are the things out of the mouths of my children. They are little treasures that make it all worthwhile and OK--when everything else does not seem to be. So... some perspective
David (3) told me the other day after his nap, “Mom, Jesus loves my heart!” I said, yes he does buddy, but why are you telling me that, where did you get that from. He said, “God just told me that!”
Karis (5) while watching a TV show, “that child is very impressive.” I love to see my children excited and impressed by others—not envious, but encouraged.
Karis (when she was 2!) Told me that she missed Jesus, I asked what she meant, she said, “I miss Him, sometimes he carries me mom.” Really? He carries you? And she responded, “Yes, he does carry me.” All I could think of was, “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”Matthew 11:28-30
Anya (8) She is a girl of few words, but my favorite thing about her is her heart – she wears it on her sleeve and often in her eyes that fill with tears so easily. My favorite thing she has EVER said was when she was three “That is just the way God made me!” when told by a neighbor that her butt had a crack in it.– it was said as only a 3 year old can say with a certain conviction of true identity.

Monday, January 10, 2011


It is a Monday, that is all I have to say. I could not really imagine a worse day. Woke up, ran, made breakfast, (none of that was really all that bad) BUT then my potty training woes kicked in. I do not let my three year old wear a pull up unless we are going somewhere or he is sleeping. So I took of his pull up this morning (and for the most part we have success). NOT this morning. Within minutes he peed all down the front of his pants. He was so remorseful. I SO SO SO sorry mommy I will never pee in my pants again. I love you so much! My anger quickly dissapated. And 5 minutes later. MOMMY I AM POOPING IN MY PANTS! Tears start flowing. And not just his! WHAT? What happened to the remorse from 5 minutes ago? So, he had to take a shower, which he HATES and he screamed at me the whole time. But he survived. And then the worst happened. I was taking his pants downstairs to be washed and somehow I did not realize there was poop in them? So, all of a sudden I hear a THUD as this poop hits the floor and then the dog comes out of nowhere and EATS IT! I am now hyperventilating with my head between my legs because I think I am going to throw up and my nine year old is crying because I am scaring her and my 5 year old is hiding and my little boy is still naked from his shower, shivering in a towel.
Thankfully after it all got cleaned up and everyone was dressed, I was able to give my sister a call for a very needed grown up talk. In which she informed me, "at least my son did not poop on the babies face on purpose"which is apparently what happened to one of her friends. AND yes thank you for that perspective. But I am ready for Tuesday and it is just barey 10 a.m.