Monday, January 10, 2011


It is a Monday, that is all I have to say. I could not really imagine a worse day. Woke up, ran, made breakfast, (none of that was really all that bad) BUT then my potty training woes kicked in. I do not let my three year old wear a pull up unless we are going somewhere or he is sleeping. So I took of his pull up this morning (and for the most part we have success). NOT this morning. Within minutes he peed all down the front of his pants. He was so remorseful. I SO SO SO sorry mommy I will never pee in my pants again. I love you so much! My anger quickly dissapated. And 5 minutes later. MOMMY I AM POOPING IN MY PANTS! Tears start flowing. And not just his! WHAT? What happened to the remorse from 5 minutes ago? So, he had to take a shower, which he HATES and he screamed at me the whole time. But he survived. And then the worst happened. I was taking his pants downstairs to be washed and somehow I did not realize there was poop in them? So, all of a sudden I hear a THUD as this poop hits the floor and then the dog comes out of nowhere and EATS IT! I am now hyperventilating with my head between my legs because I think I am going to throw up and my nine year old is crying because I am scaring her and my 5 year old is hiding and my little boy is still naked from his shower, shivering in a towel.
Thankfully after it all got cleaned up and everyone was dressed, I was able to give my sister a call for a very needed grown up talk. In which she informed me, "at least my son did not poop on the babies face on purpose"which is apparently what happened to one of her friends. AND yes thank you for that perspective. But I am ready for Tuesday and it is just barey 10 a.m.


  1. I am sorry to be giggling as I read this...really I am, I have had my fair share of sh*t stories from my write things soooooo funny though, I felt like I was there. Well I hope Tuesday brings less poo for you and yours:)

    PS Your a good mom!

  2. okay, I was outright laughing at this post. I can just see the scene! I have to say that even though I wish Luke would be done with diapers, stories like this make me think maybe its okay that he's not yet :)

    Hang in there - its almost Tuesday!