Saturday, January 15, 2011

Superhero Running

This morning I ran 7 miles. It is nothing remarkable in the world of running. BUT it was one of those runs that was so horrible, you hold onto it for weeks, and keep referring back to when you run and think, "man, at least this run wasn't as bad as that Saturday one." It is also one of those runs that you finish and you think, "I DID IT! and I DID NOT DIE" because that is all I was thinking during this run. My friend Tammy reminded me of the phrase several weeks ago, the one that says, "What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. " Well, my mantra through the run this morning was, "I am not dead, I must be getting stronger!"

It wasn't an awful day, probably 20 degrees, which is warm in WI for winter, but the wind off Lake Michigan was brutal. And the icy slush puddles on the road were freezing. I wore running tights with regular work out pants over. My pants by mile 2 were dragging in the slush, I kept looking to see who was running so loud behind me, no one, it was me. So, I dropped back, I did not stop running, I just slowed down. And at mile 3.5 when it was time to turn around I announced I was taking my pants off. Which caused some alarm I think to the men running with us. One shouted, but there is a car coming! Thankful for the warning, but I was just taking off one layer. The group kept on ahead of me, and I stayed behind. I was still running, and I was going to finish this run. My lungs and legs were burning, there were several spots I could cut short, but I didn't I pushed on and finished my seven miles.

I can remember one day talking to a man named Chris about an upcoming race. I had said, I hope it doesn't rain. And he said, I kind of like it when it rains. Then I feel like superhero. And there is something to it. That race I was talking about that I didn't want it to rain. It did, it poured. It was freezing cold and raining for at least half of the race, I couldn't see to start the race the rain was coming down so hard. And I did kind of feel like a superhero. Maybe a crazy superhero. But one who runs no matter what. And that is kind of how I felt also after today's run. Although it was not any crazy weather, unless you are not from WI and running in 20 degree snow is crazy, which many might rightly argue. But this was the superhero running that fights past everything in your body telling you to stop and finishes! I am thankful for this mornings superhero run!


  1. i haaaate runs like that but huge kuddo's to you for doing it! are you part of a running group? i want to find one so bad. no luck so far though.

  2. awesome! Go you!! on another note, what running socks do you like?

  3. Cheri- I am part of a Running group- Kenosha Running Club:) but I also run with some girls during the week not all are in the running club
    Theresa- I have no idea what kind of socks I wear- I have one favorite pair but they have no writing on them and I have had them so long I have no idea where they are from.