Monday, February 14, 2011

Miss Karis Rose....

My little girl turns 6 today....An amazing Valentine's Day present.

She came into this world full of life... with a heartbeat of 199 bpm and doing somersaults on her birthday-- the nurses commented, "Some babies are just really excited to be born." She was excited in theory, not in timing.. my longest time in the hospital. Full of energy and doing things her own way is how she has lived her life from that day until this.

She came into the world looking nothing like my first little girl. I was actually afraid somehow they had switched my baby without me seeing. My oldest daughter being so fair with big blue eyes. And now this tan little baby with dark hair and dark eyes. She is mine. She stands out in our family to this day, in a family of four, she is the only one of my children that looks this way. And she can hold her own. She is beautiful, smart, funny, entertaining, dramatic, sweet, opinionated, wild and kind. I am so thankful God gave her to our family.

Happy Birthday my little Miss Karis Rose.

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