Monday, February 21, 2011

Wise Beyond His Years

My life seems to continue to be fuller than I thought. I am often hurrying through life. Then, suddenly some little bit of wisdom shows up from these little people I am living life with. This time it came from my 3 year old.

We made a visit to my hometown, it has been over a year since I have been there, even though it is just 2 hours away. Sometimes, it is just easier to stay put. I have tried a couple of times to make it up there, but something has come up.. sickness, snowstorm, more sickness. But, this time as a snowstorm threatened this trip one more time, I left early to make it up there.

We made a quick stop at my grandma's house. Just to say a brief, "Hi." That is when it happened. My little boy, rambunctious and 'all boy' JUMPED on his 80 something year old great-grandma's lap. He sat there looking intently at her hands. She seemed a bit shy about it, saying, "I know they are old hands." And they are, aged with years of living a really good life. He seemed so fascinated though, tracing the lines and rubbing them. And then he said it, he looked at me with a look of joy, "MOM! Come see them, they are BEAUTIFUL!" How, at the age of 3 does he know what it takes so many of us so long to learn, with age comes beauty. And that is what my grandma is, beautiful.

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