Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top Ten Ways "Vacation" has changed with children

I was never one to go on a lot of vacations, but the occassional weekend away with my husband pre-kids was always so refreshing. I also have so many fond memories of vacation with my family. My mom was great at making summer camping trips the excitement of the year for me. SO, when I had children I was more than eager for a weekend or week away to relax and have fun with my children. Well, it is fun, adventurous, but definitely different. After returning from a week long vacation with my children which I did as a solo-parent, I have been thinking of all the ways "vacation" has changed for me.

1. I need a vacation from my vacation-- a solo one in complete silence and with lots of sleep preferably

2. I now plan my route along McDonald's play lands

3. I play in the pool rather than lay by the pool

4. I pack a couple of books for those "down" times, and get there only to realize I will not have ANY down time and I should have saved that space for extra diapers/changes of little person clothes/snacks, etc.

5. I no longer pack a suitcase and small bag for necessities, I know need an entire U-Haul to go away for a weekend, sometimes I wonder if we are going to have to choose between suitcases and children when we are trying to load up and come home.

6. I spend A LOT of money, my quick coffee or soda at the gas station suddenly turns into, 3 candy bars, juice boxes, and water. And EVERY TIME we stop it is at a gas station, and I have a hard enough time saying no to the chocolate bar, so we load up again and again.

7. I no longer have any control over what we are listening to in the car.

8. People actually do say, "are we there yet?" Little people in particular. And they say it every 5 minutes-- I thought that was just in movies

9. We will almost ALWAYS come back with some sickness

10. Home will seem AMAZING! And I am already planning the next one-- it is kind of like childbirth, once you get home, you only remember the good parts.

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  1. Hahaha! SO TRUE! Oh man, my kids are 3yo and 21mo and I always want to go somewhere just to get there and think "What was I thinking?!". It's never very relaxing, is it? :)

  2. Haha! Where can I sign up for #1? Please? But seriously, please?