Monday, April 11, 2011

Magazine Review

Last Friday, my baby had her nine month check up, and I had to tote all four kids along. We were waiting in the waiting room, for what seemed close to forever, which always seems to be the case when you want your children to be quiet. My oldest asked if she could look at a magazine, quickly followed by the next two. She came back with a hunting and fishing magazine, I cannot remember the name, but quickly came to me with a look of disgust, "MOM! This magazine is about killing animals." Apparently that does not go along with the new club she is starting, "SAVE THE ANIMALS AND CHILDREN" So, she put it back and picked out a Family Fun magazine, much more up her alley. She looked through it and found THIS picture. She exclaimed that she HAD to make this. And the next day......

this is what she created on her own during quiet time... and her sister joined in the fun....

Well, our magazine adventure was not quite over that visit, my three year old son had been viewing Boy's Life. Which he grew tired of and went to exchange for a new one on his own, he returned with, Ladies Home Journal with Lauren Graham on the cover. I look at his choice, and commented, that one has a pretty girl on it. He looks at me with his sweet smile and answers, "YES MOM! I like pretty girls!" Followed by Verity's name for her appointment, phew!

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