Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things I Love Thursday--- A Good Book! (A Review)

I have spent a lot of time reading this year. There has been a theme lately though... kidnappings... not on purpose, just how it ended up. But, most recently I completed Room by Emma Donoghue. Room, is about precisely that, a room. A room where a woman stays with her son fathered by her kidnapper. The story starts when the boy is 5 and is told completely from his perspective. This perspective is very different from any other person in the world since his world consists of only a very tiny space. Each object has a name instead of the door, it is just door. It is a remarkable story of the resiliance of children and what a mother will do for her child. The boy tells the story of his very busy life, "we have thousands of things to do every morning." which includes, doing laundry, gym class, and games his mother has made up to make time pass. (this gives whole new perspective to me as a mom when I now hear my children whine, "I'M BORED!") There is routine in his day and things he looks forward to. I do not want to give away what happens, but it does not get boring. There is more to Room than just the room. I highly recommend it. I was concerned it would be hard to read as a mom, but found it just the opposite. I was so proud of this mom. She handled her situation and its extremes much better than I handle my own day to day some times. But it was also realistic. As remarkable as she was she has her faults. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. It is a creative take on a subject that thousands of stories have been written upon. This post is submitted to Things I Love Thursday at Diaper Diaries.

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  1. I have read about this book several times but I just cannot motivate myself to pick up a book with such a depressing subject matter. Does it at least end with them being freed?