Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday--- Ten Ways to Know, "Mom needs a vacation!"

It has been one of those years so far, where just about everything has gone not the way planned... husband loses his job (still no job promises and it is April), son takes first trip to the ER after diving into a metal thing that is in my couch for some reason, a week later... son is really sick and I am told by two different people that he should be O.K. BUT if he gets any worse take him immediately to the E.R. because it could be this deadly syndrome... followed by me falling down the stairs while home a lone with all four children resulting in a fractured foot. I have handled it all with a just few tears. Mostly I have held it together. BUT every once in a while life catches up with me. And I wish I came with a warning alarm, LOOK OUT! MOM IS ABOUT TO LOSE IT!!! Here are the Top Ten Ways to Know, Mom Needs a Vacation, I think I will make a copy for my children to keep on hand.

1. I spend more than an hour on the computer straight looking for places to vacation-- this one should seem pretty obvious

2. I put myself in more time outs than I do my children

3. I call my husband at 9a.m. to ask when he is coming home from work

4. I am willing to load up everyone to walk to the store (since my husband has my car) to buy a coke for some needed sugar/caffeine in the middle of the afternoon.

5. I say "yes" to just about everything my children ask because I do not feel like arguing about it (this one I will keep a secret-- I think it would be taken advantage of)

6. I yell at the top of my lungs, "I AM ON THE PHONE!" only to realize that I really am on the phone and the person on the phone may no longer want to be talking to me.

7. I yell again a couple of hours later like my three year old, because every once in a while I want him to understand what it is like to be screamed at ALL day long!

8. I am looking forward to just going somewhere after my husband gets home, I talk about it, plan it all day... even if it is just the grocery store or library-- but I am going. by. myself.

9. My children point out to me at noon that I am still in my pajamas and my hair looks kind of crazy. (this probably just adds to my need for a vacation, but probably not the best thing to say to a mom when she has been having a rough morning)

10. My FAVORITE... my six year old started writing hate mail today to give her dad about why mom is such a bad mom... she later explained that she would really think if she should give it to him, but do I understand how hard it is to be home with a mom who is having a rough day and there is no dad around? YES I understand, and I have a feeling if dad were around mom would not be having quite so rough of a day.

This is meant in good humor-- it has been a rough day for this mom, but all children are loved, laughed with and cuddled at this point, the house is quiet and tomorrow will come and a new day starts fresh. And hopefully soon a vacation!

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  1. oh my goodness...you DO need a vacation! lol

  2. Oh my I {somewhat} feel your pain. I only have one almost 2 year old and some days are so stressful. When I start yelling, I know I need a time out! We are actually going a vacation this weekend and the best part - it's paid for by hubby's job :)!