Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Its Been awhile....

Almost a year. It is kind of crazy, but I can only write when I can run. And a year ago, well almost a year ago I fell down my basement stairs. Last March I was trying to do way too much, talking on the phone while going down the basement stairs and carrying a bread machine, I fell. I heard the snap in my foot, and my legs went out from under me. Through tears I got back on my phone to explain to my sister, who was still talking and completely oblivious to the fact that I had just fallen, that I believed my foot was broken and needed to go to the ER, BUT I did not know what to do because my husband was at work and I was home alone with all four kids at the bottom of the stairs. They too had completely not heard the crash of my fall down the stairs. I yelled for my girls and they came. I got on the computer and started trying to facebook people for help after my husband had not answered any of my calls. I finally reached a friend and her husband. She was able to drive me to the ER and her husband, also our priest, was able to stay with my children until my mother in law arrived. My mom came as soon as she could to stay for a few days.
My husband finally was reached through a friend whose husband also worked there. He physically tracked my husband down. And when my husband met me... we actually laughed because we did not think it could get any worse. It was one tragedy after another.
Fast forward almost a year... 11 months actually and it has not gotten much better. For whatever reason we are still in a time of waiting. Waiting on a job for my husband that he found out he was losing over a year ago. Waiting to see what God is going to do. Today we were supposed to find out, but so far we have not heard. And over the past week we have been talking about one area we have so far not been willing to step out in faith in... wondering if this scary step is what all this waiting is about. And it is exciting, encouraging and a lot to deal with. And my foot did not heal, for months and it finally needed surgery... that was three months ago.
But, if you have not noticed, I am writing a blog, which if you remember at the beginning of this post I said I had such a hard time doing if I was not running. So guess what that means... I have started running again. It is so little. Just two times for two or three miles. But for the first time in a year I felt like myself. I felt like maybe I will make it.

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