Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Jacobs are moving to ARKANSAS!!!!

It has been a roller coaster of a week. I have hesitated to even write this post because I do not know if I can write in words all that has happened. Well, I can write pretty easily what has happened. It is the little things, the emotions, the little events leading up to the week, the thoughts and the questions all combined to make this a week that seemed to last a year.

I will just say the easy thing... WE GOT A JOB!!! Well, technically, my husband got a job. But, when your main breadwinner is soon to be unemployed we all celebrate with, "we got a job." And that job happens to be in Arkansas. So the Jacobs are headed to Arkansas. Which is CRAZY because I have barely visited the south, let alone thought we would live there. My one experience with Arkansas was a random trip there in college when a couple girlfriends and I decided to go backpacking in the Ozarks for a few days. I saw a wild pig with tusks and hair flying out behind it running across the trail. Later to find out it was a razorback. And now, I am moving to where they have razorbacks and armadillos? On a side note Karis is now studying Armadillos for science and soon will be our resident family expert on them.

It has been a year of waiting for this job. Of praying and asking God, why? And last week after I wrote my post my husband and I had come to some peace about not getting a job. About being obedient in one thing we feel like we have kind of been side stepping. We talked about maybe going a completely different direction in life. I was kind of excited about it. I am my husband's biggest fan. And I get excited when we get together on something.

SO when we got the "yes" of this job. It was this huge relief, but kind of anticlimactic as we had just made this whole other plan that was a lot less practical.

BUT we are thankful. We are thankful for a job when jobs are few and far between. We are thankful that God heard our prayers. I have been thinking this year, how thankful I am when God answers with a "yes" to our prayers, especially when my kids are praying with me. I know that the answer is not always "yes" and this year it has been a lot of "wait" and "not now" and sometimes just silence. So when the answer to our prayer finally came,and it was a job, I was very thankful. And not just us, but another guy got the job. Our prayer had been for these other people we were competing with for this job, that God would provide a job because we know how awful it is to be in this situation. And that is just what happened. The school decided to offer my husband and this other man a job. How amazing is that!!!

The more I have thought on it, especially while shoveling snow this morning knowing that yesterday it was 75 degrees in Arkansas, the more excited I become. But there are mixes of emotions. We will be leaving some REALLY great friends, a WONDERFUL church and closeness to family. And then there is the minor thing of selling the first house we have ever owned. I am trying not to go on too much. There are so many ways we can see God has worked over the past year. Often in silence, and we are waiting and anticipating our new adventure in Arkansas.

Now.... to figure out how to get our house ready, sell it and find a place to live over the next 4 months.

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