Thursday, April 5, 2012

Roller Skates and Memories

If I were to describe my childhood, the fond memories would always include, swimming at the local pool, roller skating and family camping trips in the summer. It seemed like a whole different world then we live in now, there was so much freedom. We knew to be home for meals and bedtime. There were no cell phones to track us down at every minute, and we survived it.

And, when I think back on my childhood there was definitely a good couple of years where it would have been difficult to tell if my feet were actually feet or in fact roller skates. Because, I lived in roller skates. I think it was probably the years of kindergarten and first grade, although now that I have a first and fourth grader I cannot believe my mom let me just roller skate around the neighborhood unsupervised, but we did. We lived for roller skating. We helped the mailman with his mail route, although we were not allowed to touch the mail or even the mail cart, I think we might have gotten away with the mail cart every once in a while, pushing it to the next house. We roller skated from the moment we woke up, until we went to bed. Frequently eating our dinner in roller skates or wearing them in the car while my mom went through the drive through. We roller skated on sidewalks, in driveways and even in the basement when it was too cold or rainy. I have this clear memory of my sister and best friend, roller skating down the road with our long brown hair, attempting to convince the mail man that we were in fact triplets. Years later all that practice helped us at the roller rink when we had to skate backwards for the slow skate or do the limbo for prizes. But my fondest memories are the spring and fall days when it was not too hot, roller skating with my sister and dear friend.

So... imagine my delight as my girls discovered my old roller skates while visiting their grandma's house a few weeks back. My old red, white and blue roller skates, still in pretty good condition. They roller skated to the library the other day, packing their shoes in their bags so they could get some books and roller skate home. And they have spent hours and hours skating in the basement since this past weekend when we got them. I am SO delighted that my girls get to use these skates and make their own memories.

I would love to hear some other memories of childhood.

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