Monday, August 13, 2012

The Greatest Adventure

12 years ago today I married my amazing husband. We were kids it seems when we married, and I tend to be a bit impulsive, which may be why we got engaged after only knowing each other 5 months (3 of which I was in Russia) We met in kind of a crazy way that involved him drawing a line on the ground with a piece of chalk and asking me to cross it if I was willing to get to know him, and 5 months later we got engaged with line of chalk on the ground and him on the other side on one knee asking me if I was willing to marry him to cross it. We were both young and immature and in love. We never talked about kids or having them or how many. We never talked about what we would do or where we would live. We were just in love.

My life had been full of travel and adventure before marriage, starting young. My mom had sent me to France for a few weeks when I was just 11 on an exchange program, and I was bit by the adventure bug. I traveled all over. Helping repair houses in the Appalachian Mountains, working with kids in Tijuana, Mexico ,traveling around France, missions in Russia, hiking part of the Appalachian Trail, leading backpacking trips in Tennessee. I had new adventures every year. So the summer after my Senior Year of college, I was getting married. I remember being afraid that my life of adventure would be over. AND I remember my mom saying, "Oh, this is the biggest adventure and it is just starting."And it was an adventure, but not like any I had before. A small part of me missed my life of something new and exciting every year. But there were other adventures, we moved A LOT, 6 states and 10 moves in the past 12 years. Add 4 kids in there and there are all sorts of adventures to share, but I still missed it a bit.

Then this year something unexpected happened. Well, nothing about this year has really been expected. BUT  something even more unexpected. We were moving to Arkansas. Nothing was going quite as planned, but there was this moment where we were just out of place, our stuff was in transit... we each had a suitcase and not much else. We were staying with my in-laws, but we just felt restless. So I called Nathan and said why don't we go somewhere. We don't have to be anywhere for the next week, we have nothing going on, we are just sitting around waiting, let's go see the Grand Canyon. So we made a few phone calls, to a good friend/family who live in Flagstaff and asked if we could come stay for a few days. The next day we loaded the car, with all four of our children and drove and drove, for 27 hours straight to Flagstaff, AZ. We spent four days full of blessing. Full of refreshment. We left four days later SO happy we had made that decision. Thankful for God's blessing of friends. And amazed at his creation. We drove through the night to our new home in Arkansas. And I felt my heart full as I realized that I have also been blessed with a family that is ready for adventure. My kids were a bit nervous but I reminded them of all the times they ask me to tell them about an adventure I had, and someday they will be able to share this adventure with their kids at dinner. That was all it took, they were ready. There was not one complaint, honestly, just excitement. I felt SO blessed and thankful to have my wonderful husband and children to live life with, which IS actually the greatest adventure.


  1. I love it! So glad you are still up for adventure and teaching your kids to be open to it too. I tell mine that following God is the adventure of a lifetime--you never know where He will lead!


    1. Jeanne- you are exactly right-- following God is the adventure of a lifetime, I love to hear the adventures God takes people on!