Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Letter to my girl

My dearest Anya,

I wrote this letter four years ago.. and now four years later it is only more true.

Today, is your birthday! Ten years ago, you came into this world screaming and full of life, and changed mine. All the offers to hold you or give me a "break" I brushed aside aware suddenly that my arms had longed to hold you my whole life; I just never knew it before. I held you and danced with you making up songs in whisper during the long nights we stayed awake while the world slept.      

You have traveled through life with us, through fun times and hard times, through times when we felt God's blessing and times when we heard nothing but silence, with no home to call our own or job. God provided what we needed and you grew just like you were supposed to.

You have always had a strong will. I will never forget when you were around four months old, you learned to sit up for the first time... and that was how you slept that day, because you were not laying down ever again! And when you were two, we finally made you give up your bottle. You have not drunk milk since that day.

You make friends better than anyone I know. And handle with grace those trying to give you a hard time. I will always remember sitting at dinner when you were four. You had been playing with the kids in our apartment building and apparently one of the boys had been teasing you... you told me he said, "your butt has a crack in it." I wondered what your response was, it had not been crying to mommy. You told me you had just told this boy that was how God made you! I could not have been more proud of you!

I love that you love going out for coffee (hot chocolate)  and reading books. I love that you love movies and putting on pajamas as soon as you are done for the day. You are an early riser. Quick to laugh. And oh what a laugh you have, it is contagious. You often sit back and let your sisters and brother put on the show but you enjoy watching and laughing with them. You are loyal, sometimes to a fault. You are fun and sweet. You are unbelievably creative! You are thoughtful and kind. You are beautiful.

                                               I love you my sweet girl! Happy 10th Birthday!

                                                                              dance with me Anastasia Grace and we will go to a far away place....                           

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