Friday, September 28, 2012

Five Minute Friday--- Grasp

I am trying this again, the Five Minute Friday challenge. It is a place where a group joins together to write on a word for five minutes. I am amazed at the thoughtfulness of others as I have often started and then given up. Searching after my failed attempt to see what on earth someone else could have thought to write on words like, “wide” or “focus” for five minutes. But I am giving it a try again, it is a great challenge!


They always say to hold on to these moments, write it down, take pictures, at least mental ones, because these moments will not last.  You have to hold onto them, treasure them. I often cannot imagine what life will be like when they are grown. So I do, write it down, try to treasure little moments of songs and hand motions and giggles and laughter. I could never have imagined it though that they actually would grow up.

My oldest daughter turned ten this week, and I feel like I am grasping at time and her. Desperately holding onto time which is slipping through my hands and holding onto her but she is something I cannot hold on to. She is moving gracefully and awkwardly through life, and she is stepping out into a world that will try to grasp her away. I can hold her still now, but soon she will be free to go. And, I will always have a hand ready for her to hold on to when she does find her wings.


Continuing in Thankfulness
21. a daughter who loves to read
22. and then writes letters to the authors thanking them for their books
23. Watching my girl climb trees, her new found favorite thing.
24. A ten year old girl who still climbs in her moms lap for a hug at the end of the day.
25. And who lets her two year old sister climb in her lap at the beginning of the day to read books so her mom can go for a run.


  1. Ohmygoodness! Don't ever give up and stop writing! Your post brought tears to my eyes as struggle on the brink of an empty nest. I've spent the past 24 years homeschooling my six children, five of which are now married and having families of their own. My 'baby' is seventeen and has met a girl. He plans on marrying next year and time is, indeed, slipping away. I find myself grasping for each precious memory that I can hold on to. Hold on to your girl while there is still time to hold, because, yes, while it's hard to imagine when they're little, they do, indeed, grow up and all too soon. God bless you, my new found friend! May blessings in abundance and a whole host of wonderful memories fill your home and your heart. <3