Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days of "Things I have Learned from my Children"....Princess on a Plane

This is one of my favorite stories, I tell it every chance I get honestly. And maybe it is not a thing I learned from my children as much as a thing I learned with my children. My oldest daughter to be exact.

It happened years ago, 9 actually. We were living in Oregon at the time and a dear friend of mine was getting married in Wisconsin. I was in the wedding so heading back for all the celebration. We only had enough money for one ticket so I was traveling by myself with my baby girl. She was just four months old at the time.

It was one of the nightmare flights that make you never want to get on a flight again. We were taking a little plane from our small town in Oregon to Denver, CO and hit some really bad turbulence. I had to stay in my seat, but my darling little girl was SO fussy. The nice flight attendant offered to walk her up and down the aisles during the short flight. All the turbulence had delayed our flight. I had a connecting flight in Denver to Minneapolis where I was meeting my sister to drive over for the wedding. The flight attendants knew I had this connection so called ahead to the airport to let the flight know we were coming. They also arranged for a little cart to be waiting since we had to get to the other side of the airport. All the other passengers let us off the plane first, and we hopped on that cart and flew through the airport at the top speed of maybe 5mph, as fast as the cart can go. When we got to the gate, I realized that there was no one waiting or boarding.

"Did they wait? We called ahead to say I was coming!" I was angry. The plane had boarded and was taxiing down the runway.

"Are there any more flights tonight?" They told me no. I was going to have to get a taxi, find a hotel, spend the night and come back the next morning and see if I could get on one then.

Tears filled me eyes. "Can you ask them to come back for us, please!" I don't know how I asked, if it was in whisper through tears or yelling in frustration. But they did, they called the plane.

Hung up the phone.

And said,"They are on their way back... to get you."

We boarded that plane, messy mom, weary and teary eyed with a screaming four month old. And people stared. I am pretty certain there was some disappointment in the eyes of the passengers as I sat down in my seat. I am also pretty certain that they planned to at least see someone famous, someone important. And my heart started beating faster, I am nobody, but I AM a daughter of the King of Kings, a princess, whose Abba Father put it on the heart of the pilot to turn that plane around and come back and get His child. He then carried that plane through the air making us arrive at our destination without one bump twenty minutes early with all our luggage on board.

It does not always happen that way, but sometimes, sometimes in the rain.. that is when the blessing comes, right in the midst of a storm. Blessings poured as gifts from heaven!

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