Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 Days of "Things I have Learned from my Children..." Pray

"Pray! Mommy, Please Pray!" She screams at the top of her lungs. We have stopped for a bathroom break at a gas station in a tiny bathroom where she is screaming. And I am trying to not scream back, unsuccessfully, "Just go to the bathroom! You just HAVE to go! We still have an hour til we get there! You have to go!" But to this little girl there was nothing more frightening than an automatic flushing toilet. And here in this bathroom she is screaming, "Mommy pray!" Because at two, she knew, with childlike faith that the only way out of this situation was prayer.

And every night we pray and after we pray they come again for more prayers. "Please pray that I not be scared." And we do, we pray, and sometimes I think it is silly to pray the same thing every night, knowing that they are fine, but I do it. And I am reminded of my need to pray, to keep asking. So I pray for them to not be scared, for their safety and their bravery.

We have prayed together for a job and a house; for friends and provision. And God has answered.

And we rejoice when God answers.

We have prayed for friends in need and friends who are sick and friends who need jobs. And we wait. Because for now that is what we need to do.

And, we keep seeking God.

We pray for our daily bread and God's continued provision. We pray with out ceasing for mercy and grace, words whispered when we have nothing left to say on our own, "Jesus Christ Son of God have mercy on me."

And we pray, prayer is something we do as a family.

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