Friday, October 19, 2012

31 Days of "Things I Have Learned from my Children.." Look

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So the word this week is ...


She is smiling from ear to ear all decked out in her fancy pants and shirt, her purple fuzzy boots her hair done in cute pig tails and nails freshly painted by her sister. She does not even have to say it, she wants me to look, to see her.

And I do, I look and I see her, but I see past all the cuteness to a little girl who longs to be noticed by someone. And I am happy to fawn over her, but also worried about what lies ahead for all my girls who want someone to look, but more for someone to see them, to notice them.

And is not that what we want in life, from people, to be seen? And yet each day I drive by people in need, people wearing their purple boots and perfectly picked outfit in hopes that someone will notice, will see them.  But I do not I am so caught up in my world.

Sometimes I do not want to look because they are not wearing really cute boots, and I am afraid they will think I am staring or being rude, but am I seeing them? I look away because I am ashamed and unsure what to do.

They need me to notice though, to see them and acknowledge them. AND to look at them as more than a need or cute boots, but as a precious child created in the image of God.



  1. What a gift God has given us mamas to be able to see important truths and challenges such as this one through our children! You have spoken of something I believe we all struggle with, and I love how beautifully you put it. ~Kelly from visiting from Five Minute Friday