Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 Days of "Things I Have Learned from my Children..." The Importance of Quiet

Tuesdays are the days that seem to never end. We go and go and go some more. It is lots of fun going, but a bit exhausting. So exhausting today that my little two year old who NEVER sleeps fell asleep at 6:45 in my arms.

There is something so beautiful, watching one of my favorite people in the world to listen to, actually be quiet. To soak in all her sweet smells and soft skin, while she sleeps in my arms. So rare is it that she rests, that she is quiet. After all she is two. Two and a every adjective that goes with typical two. Actually every adjective exaggerated. 

I have often wondered about how an introverted mom can raise an extroverted child, and she will be the one  that challenges me the most. She waves at every person on the street and volunteers to get up and talk in front of groups at two and a half. At thirty five it takes everything in me to be willing, but she is eager. She is loud and has so much to say. And on Tuesdays, she does not nap. And on Tuesdays, I get no quiet. Life goes at the speed of light and there is noise from the moment my feet hit the floor until all the little blessings are in bed, and then the ten times they get up to ask for extras.

My night usually ends with noise, noise of a movie or TV. But I have found at the end of a day of noise, I need quiet. I need to hear the voice in my head and not all the other ones that are blocking it out. I need quiet to appreciate the songs and laughter that make my day, but wear me out on days when that is all I hear. I need to sit and be quiet and wait. What if I am missing the very thing I am to be hearing because I stopped listening when the noise overwhelmed my ears.

Before children I had struggled with no noise. I hated to be home and not have a TV going or music on. Fearful, I might hear a noise I do not want to hear. But as a parent I have learned the precious gift quiet is, for restoring and renewing. 

I have learned the importance of quiet, which is about the third time I have written on quiet in the past month, apparently, I really am valuing this!

Still counting blessings
51. night in its quiet, dark, stillness
52. a cool refreshing breeze
53. watching my husband put off going to work so he can play catch with his son, and genuinely meaning it when he says, "I wish I could just do this all day with you."
54. a neighbor who comes over to share chocolate and sweet words.
55. the outdoor smell of children who have been playing for hours in the grass and riding bikes
56. a little girl asleep in my arms
57. a bed with way too many pillows and fluffy blankets to fall into at the end of a day
58. new running shoes
59. bright stars in the dark of early morning
60. laughing with new friends that makes them feel like old friends

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