Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 Days of "Things I have Learned from my Children..." The Practical Top 10

I had really no idea how to prepare for motherhood. I read several bits of books, got terrified, stopped reading them. I imagined what it would be like, and then, I became a mother. Nothing could have quite prepared me for it, the good and the bad.  I have learned so much about humility, things that matter in life, myself, my "issues," and my joys. I am so thankful for all the things I have learned.

However there are a few of the just obvious things that I have learned from motherhood, not the deep things that have challenged me to grow or think, but the practical things.

So, this is a list of the top ten practical things I have learned...

10. That "NO" will quickly become my least favorite word. Especially when screamed at the top of the lungs of any of my children when they have been asked to please obey their mother.

9. Sleep is a luxury

8. Humans can subsist on very small amounts of sleep for years at a time, although a few brain cells are lost in the process.

7. The most precious of gift I can give to my children is undivided attention.

6. Date night will soon look like sneaking in take out after kids are in bed, starting a movie, but then going to bed by 9, hoping to get at least two hours of sleep before someone little crawls in.

5. Books read aloud become markers in life. They are kind of like smells, reminding you of places. I have memories as a child of reading books with my mom curled up in sleeping bags while camping. Fond memories that I go back to whenever I see the book, 101 Dalmatians. And we are making memories of books read in different homes in different stages of life. So I read, lots and everything. As much as I heard it and still hear it, it is true. I can never read to them enough.

4. I will be expected to know the most random things, "Who is that person walking down the street?" or "Where is the ambulance headed?"

3. But my knowledge of things actually known will always be doubted. For example why my baby is crying or what we are having for dinner.

2. I would go from hating coffee, to enjoying it on occasion (but only the really fancy kind), to drinking it black if necessary to get through the day.

1. That I could possibly love someone so much, and then love the other little someones just as much. And that I would love them more each day.

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