Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days of "Things I Have Learned from my Children..." There is a time for joy

Days and weeks of fighting with my two year old have left me more than a little disheartened... BUT the thing that has killed me is the fight before bed. The one that is usually necessary for her to finally fall quiet into sleep. Sometimes it seems that she actually needs this fight, to release all the extra energy necessary for rest. But I hate it. I hate putting my little girl down to sleep after a battle, knowing it will (hopefully) be hours before I see her again.

SO we have come up with new things, a new routine, it involves rocking in a chair, singing songs about stars and "gucks" (ducks) and then me praying over her until she reluctantly gives into sleep. And my heart is quiet and full of joy knowing that in the end we made it without a fight.

And I am reminded of other times I chose joy.

Times when we laughed instead of dwelling on a moment of sorrow.

Times when we told funny stories instead of being afraid in the dark.

The times we play funny games in the grocery store to avoid the screams of being TRAPPED in a cart!

Times they asked me to tell a funny story about growing up or a fun adventure I had been on, when they are sick.

We chose to find joy, laughter, rather that the sadness or frustration of the moment.

And what in the situations of discouragement and frustration of my life should I choose? I should choose to remember God's faithfulness, to tell myself my own stories of God's goodness and blessing. I should find moments to laugh when I am taking life too seriously. And I should spend a few minutes with a giggling child when I am worn out with disappointment.

Because there is a choice.

And there is a time to choose joy.

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