Friday, October 5, 2012

31 Days of "Things I have Learned from my Children...." Welcome

This 31 Days post is also part of 5 minute Fridays over at Lisa-Jo Baker's blog. The idea is you get a word and write on it for 5 minutes, and then you hit publish. Today's word is "Welcome"


"Can we have them over?" "Please mom!" "Lets have them over for dinner and maybe they can stay and spend the night!"

My children are quick to welcome new people into our home, pretty certain that every person they meet is just a friend waiting to be made.

My response is usually "No!"

Don't they understand the meaning of this "Welcome to my home!" It means bathrooms need scrubbing, floors need washing, vacuuming needs doing and fresh cookies need baking. And there is no way I have time for all that. But their persistent nagging finds lets me give in to one "Yes" (usually once a week) And I work like crazy and secretly am thankful that I have a reason to actually clean my house.

They walk in and children scatter and toys are messed and play is had and the messier it gets I tell myself, the more fun they had. And cookies are eaten and milk spilled.

And new friends are made or old friendships are renewed. I realize the cleaning may not have been necessary as the mess has nudged back in. I am thankful to share my home and food with friends, and realize that the "Welcome" is more than a neat house and cookies, it is the door opening, saying we want you to be part of our life. You are WELCOME here, even in the mess of life, we want you to be part of life with us, because friendship is important.



  1. Welcome is the "door opening." Yes. Yes. So true, and thank you for sharing your take on Welcome. I'm here from Lisa-Jo's today.

  2. Love when we realize we don't have to make ourselves pretty to welcome others into our lives. ~ Real ~ will do just fine.
    Love your post! I'm down the block.

  3. Totally understand this. Our pastor and his wife and young kids came over for dinner/playdate on Monday. It was rather spur of the moment and you know? It was a typical monday. (Can I get an amen?) The house was a wee bit on the trashed side. It was the first time ever I was able to just say, you know what, come over anyways! And they did! And we had a blast! And the fellowship was wonderful. And the funny thing was, the pastor's wife said she felt 'at home'- she's been struggling with lupus and two little ones and it's been tough going for her. She said me letting it go, mess and all, made her feel like she didn't have to try so hard to be so 'on top' of her house. It made me so glad. You are so right...we just need to extend the welcome and let the dust bunnies take care of themselves.

  4. Oh So True. My favorite line is: ""Welcome" is more than a neat house and cookies, it is the door opening, saying we want you to be part of our life."
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Blessings to you!