Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Days of "Things I have Learned from my Children..." What a Mother Needs to Know.

Some people are born to be moms, like my 7 year old, who, when she was just 9 months old crawled to a wash cloth and then her baby doll and started gently wiping her face. Some are more like my boy who, when giving his baby doll a bath, decided to use the spit and shine method.  However much we love and want these blessings, we are completely unprepared for all that lies ahead. They do not teach this stuff in school, and I have yet to see a Little House on the Prairie episode that shows baby Carrie screaming for an hour about not going "sleepy"

We read books about sleep habits and foods to feed our children. We do research for how to deal with a "strong willed" child and get them on a schedule. And we learn some, bits and pieces that work with some children and not with others.

But somewhere along the way, we learn all the things that make a mom a mom. And these are the little things, not the cooking, cleaning, changing of diapers, which are so important, but also the little things that make a child know they are loved by their MOM.

Moms know...

That kisses can heal just about any booboo.

When a child falls off a bike based on the scream to follow, and from that whether it is a serious injury or not.

How to respond when awoken by a child with a cup of ice stuck on her face, to not panic or laugh at the moment; laughter may come later, but this is a time to just fix.

When tears are flowing over heartache, of friends missed and fear of not having new friends, to put down her own lifelong fears of rejection and make new friends.

That there are fights worth fighting and some to let go. And the ones worth fighting, she fights for and hard because they are fights for this child's heart.

Dreaming with children and encouraging them in who God has made them is one of the greatest gifts she can give.

That they will always fall short and make mistakes, but...

They are who God chose to raise these children, so they will face each day with courage (and coffee) and do their best.

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