Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 Days of "Things I have Learned from my Children"...the need to create

Red, yellow and green hand prints covered the white walls and carpet. Thoughts of, "What is wrong with these people!" and "Their parents are going to kill me!" are running through my head as I am wrangling these two children I have agreed I will babysit. I was a freshman in college and I could not believe this was happening to me. I swore up and down that if I ever had children they would NEVER act this way.

BUT years later...

My little one year old has completely colored herself in black marker, herself and her chair.

Black paint is covering the walls, floor, chair and feet of my little boy.

And, I can feel my hair standing on end as I once again ask, in a voice getting close to a shout, "PLEASE PICK UP ALL THE PIECES OF PAPER OFF THE FLOOR!" and while you are at it, "please pick up all the glue, stickers, markers and crayons AS WELL!"

As much as I try to stifle it; to hide all the craft supplies, the tape and glue and markers and scissors they somehow manage to find them and scatter them EVERYWHERE! and I have now turned to screaming... "NEVER AGAIN WILL YOU HAVE ANY CRAFT SUPPLIES!"

But really, it does not matter, because created in the image of God, our creator.




And I look so much like them, craving writing, knitting, sewing, cooking. I have to make something. I. Must. Create.

And sometimes for us that means messy creation, but there is something about creating that makes them, us, alive. There is something fulfilling in the creating process. We have a need to create.

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