Friday, October 26, 2012

31 Days of "Things I Have Learned from my Children..." Finding my "Voice"

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So the word this week is ...



It is what they said I was missing, a voice. So odd it seemed since I hear myself speaking all the time, in words and in my head. But apparently it was not in my writing. You need to find your voice.

I get to pick?

My voice for writing, I have read it has something to do with your real voice, the one you hear in your head but then with something added to it. Whatever that looks like I am unsure. What I am sure of is my voice, the one I speak and the one in real life is always changing.

Sometimes my voice, is quiet, speaking words of love over sick little boys.

Sometimes my voice is full of laughter as I joke with my husband about putting the soap you use for washing dishes in the sink in the dishwasher and our kitchen fills with soap bubbles.

Sometimes my voice is full of tears as I talk with friends who have lost loves or are feeling hopeless.

Sometimes my voice is so loud as I am trying to make sure they hear me, since so far there has been no reaction to my request.

My voice is hard to find. Maybe my voice has multiple personalities.

And if I could pick a voice, one that is me, what would it look like, always?

I think I would pick the always full of grace one.

I know that is not what they are talking about or looking for, and I still am looking on finding a voice for writing, kind of an experiment in types as I write and write some more.

Looking for my writing voice, conscious of the one I speak.

Conscious also of how my voice, the one I speak, the words I use impact my children, husband, friends, and all those I meet throughout the minutes of the day.


  1. I think you find your voice! Beautifully said post. So glad to have read yours today. Have a great weekend.