Friday, November 9, 2012

Five Minute Friday... Quiet

Five Minute Fridays is when you get a word from over at Lisa Jo Baker's blog and write on it for five minutes, WITHOUT editing then link up and ABSOLUTELY have to have to comment on the post before yours!
Today's word is: Quiet

It is a treasure and gift. When everyone is asleep, the quiet is a gift. A gift when my day is full of good noise and busyness at the end, to hear nothing but sweet rest. Rest that is well deserved for children who have played hard and worked hard. And a mom who has hopefully done similar is finally able to have quiet rest. I used to fill my head with noise for fear of what I might hear. But now with all the noise of life, I treasure the quiet moments. I peek on each of my children and see their sweet faces resting and quiet. Faces that are usually full of laughter and words, resting, restoring. That is what quiet does, it allows us to rest and restore. It allows me to sort through all the noise in my head and hear clearly again.

I love the quiet of a morning run, dark before the world has started to breathe, with children at home still tucked in beds. I run with someone usually, but sometimes it is a quiet run. Where we are just  next to each other breathing, running, but listening to the quiet and stillness of life before it starts breathing for the day. Quiet is a gift, a treasure, one I will take whenever I am blessed with it!



  1. I love your description of quiet- to rest and restore! Sweet post!!

  2. Oh, that quiet when everyone is asleep…it's my favorite part of the day, hands down. Well said.

  3. I think of quiet as a gift too, a reward for hard work. Those early morning runs are something that's not always easy to get up and do, but they're definitely rewarding once the hardest part (getting out the door) is done.