Tuesday, July 2, 2013

She is 3!

It is becoming a habit of mine to write to my children on their birthday, to tell them publicly how proud I am of them and how much they mean to me. It is my version of scrap booking, of commemorating a year in moment, a memory to look back on. Maybe it should be more often. But here it is, another birthday. Verity turns 3 today.

Verity, you have been full of life since the day you were born, fighting fiercely to never be forgotten. Possibly this is a fourth child's distinct personality. I was certain that I would have had this parenting thing down by now. After all I had lots of practice with the other three, but when you came into this world, you humbly showed me that I still have a lot to learn. All the tricks that worked with the others and the advice given by experts, none seemed to work for you. All that really has ever worked is to hold you and wait. So, for three years I have waited and held you, and loved you more with each passing day as I realized that this is what is right for you. And you are turning out okay. You can talk and play. You are brave and smart. You seem to know and understand far beyond the three years of your life, but you rarely let on. You are madly in love with your big brother and one of my favorite things in the world is to see the two of you set out on an adventure, superhero partners in crime, swinging through the house battling bad guys.

Your laugh and your smile make every other moment of stubbornness worth it. You fight in this world for all you believe, and my prayer for you is that one day that fight will be one worth fighting, and that your courage and stubbornness will make a world of change.

You often like to be the life of the party, dancing on the side of the swimming pool in your little swimsuit, pretend-singing in a microphone to whatever song you hear on the speakers. You will never be left out no matter how much harder you have to work or how little you understand; you HAVE to be part of it. And sometimes you surprise me as you pull up a chair, "I just want to watch," you say. Because, you know that just watching makes you a part of it.

This year of two has been full of new things. You are learning to ride a bike and bravely taking on the pool - something a year ago you would not have even put your big toe in. Today you jump in the deep end, demanding "Again! Again!" You are learning your shapes and numbers, letters and sizes. You love to make up silly songs. You also learned every adjective that describes two and took it on with gusto.

And now you are three! I am looking forward to all it brings. My only request is a little more sleep! Happy Birthday sweet Verity!

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