Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Karis Rose!

Today we get to celebrate our sweet Karis.
Karis, you turn nine years old today which seems absolutely impossible. 
You are one of the most beautiful girls on I know on the inside and out, and you do not even know it.
You are growing up into this young lady full of passion and laughter. You love more than just about anyone I know. The other day at church, you offered to help an elderly gentleman down the stairs. He came up to me shaking his head and told me you were growing up to fast. When I asked you about it, you blushed and looked away. Your heart is always thinking about others. 
It makes life hard sometimes because when you love and feel as fiercely as you do. But I think it is worth it. I have seen your joy for life become contagious, on the soccer field this year, your laughter brought your team together. 
Please do not spend your whole life comparing yourself to your older sister or anyone for that matter. You are uniquely you and amazing at it. Your courage and thoughtfulness are great things.

This past year you continued to horseback ride. You swam on the swim team and played soccer. You have made some new friends. You learned to knit and love to write stories. You play so well with your little sister and brother. And your big sister is enjoying you growing up too.
You are kind and thoughtful. You are funny and fun. 
You are loved! 
I think nine has great things in store for you sweet girl!
I am so thankful that God chose to put you in our family! 
Happy Birthday my Karis Rose!

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