Wednesday, March 12, 2014

An Update

I wish there was a way I could cry "Uncle!" "Enough!"
This week, it is enough. I am tired.
My little boy has had several severe anxiety attacks, for hours on Saturday he believed he was turning blue and dying. He screamed at me and clung to me.
"..He will quiet you with his love."
In the middle of the night my three year old wandered into my room, SCREAMING at me because she was awake. She did not want to be awake and to be honest, neither did I, nor did I want to be screamed at. She ran through the house a little ball of anger, screaming and slamming doors. It was 2:00 in the morning. I held her.
"...He will quiet you with his love."
My daughter is fighting sick right now. A fever that left her hallucinating that bugs were crawling all over me. She sat there screaming at me. I held her and prayed.
"...He will quiet you with his love."
And the number of times, I have screamed, ENOUGH! I need a break. And the words speak to me.
"....He will quiet you with his love."
I am certain one day I will look back on this week and see something almost funny about it. But it has been more than I ever thought I could handle in the right now.

And then yesterday. We got it. The email that said we got the signature that passed us on to court. 
We got what we had been waiting for. In the middle of fevers and sickness, anxiety and sleeplessness. There was a tiny glimmer of hope.

And to celebrate I decided to put this together

It is the quilt we are making for our little boy. The top is now done. I will have to add a binding and backing and then sign all the names of all those who have donated and helped to bring him home.

Thank you for helping and praying.

Next we wait for a court date. Please keep praying!