Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Learning to Play!

Over the past four weeks Bozhidar has grown physically, he is taller, heavier and he no longer fits in his shoes. But the things that make my heart warm are how he is learning to be a kid.

When we first brought him from the orphanage he had no idea what to do with a book. He just threw it, and a car or any toy was just thrown on the floor. He wanted to eat and to go. So that is what we did. But two and a half weeks with four other kids and he is learning to play. 

He has learned that there is fun happening in other places and will go explore what is going on in the other room. Or if the kids are outside and he is not, he will go get my shoes and let me know it is time for us to join them. The other day, everyone including the neighbors were outside. He went and got my shoes and then my purse. I was meeting with someone so was not able to go right at that minute but when our neighbor came in to ask a question he begged her to take him with him. He rode on the tractor and wanted to just be a part of it!

He was initially afraid of the pool but now enjoys it. Especially the splashing part! 

(he is in the water, it is zero depth, not right on the edge as this picture makes it look :) )

And he has learned there are times during the day he gets my undivided attention. Like bath time... which he asks for several times a day by taking off all his clothes and walking to the bathroom. He also knows that he gets to read books with me at bedtime and eagerly wants more and more books. He turns the pages and sits while I read and as he grows tired he rests in my arms his head on my chest and he knows, I know, this is where he belongs!

He is finding his place and is loved by his siblings immensely. It warms my heart to see how they have just accepted him. Even Verity who asks me almost every day why I wanted five kids, and today told me it would have been better if I had just had one, her. But when she is around Bozhidar she talks to him, helps him, cheers him on and wants to be part of his everything. 

Karis wakes up every morning, changes him, makes two eggs, warms his milk, cuts up a banana and feeds him his breakfast before feeding herself, while all the other kids get breakfast and I either follow around cleaning up or get to go for my run. 

Anya I think makes him feel safe, he will always go with her and just likes to be around her. And David will sit and offer him toy after toy, showing him how to play with it. They fight over who gets to sit next to him at meals and love on him like he should be.

This little boy, who we have prayed for and fought for IS a blessing to our family. But there is a lot of a lot that comes with this like doctor's appointments several times a week to add to our already full schedule and unknowns about just about everything.

And for some reason the difficulty of here, the things that have been happening for the past month, two months, keep getting harder. I want to encourage but I also want to be realistic. That though I am blessed, nothing about life is easy. The past few months have been harder than any I have experienced in my life, they have been humbling and refining and teaching me that I have so far to go.

So we continue to walk forward, blessed and praying and thankful for prayers!

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  1. I pray every day that things continue to go well for Bozhidar. It is wonderful to hear how Anya, Karis, David, and Verity have accepted him and take care of him, and play with him. I will continue to pray that things get easier for you. The most important thing is in place: love.