Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Birthday to Verity!

Tomorrow sweet Verity turns 4! We are headed to Chicago/Wisconsin for three weeks, and driving on her birthday. Thankful for friends that helped celebrate her a little tonight.

This girl has completely changed my world. Somehow being a mom I thought by number four I would have it all figured out. But each one is SO different. And she has thrown me into a whole new world of mom. She is a challenge and a joy. She is smart and thoughtful. She is determined and kind. She still does not sleep through the night, but I love seeing her face next to me in the morning. She has more energy than anyone I know. And she sees the world like no one I know. I am so thankful each day that I get to be her mom. I have put together a few quotes of hers from the past year....

Me: "Verity, where are your pants?" Verity, "They fell off when I was walking." Me, "And you just left them there?" Verity, "Yes."

Verity, "I am NOT afraid of the dark mom! Just get me a sword, I will get any monster that comes in here. Or zombie!"

Me, "Verity, sometimes I wish I could be just like you, you are so cute!" Verity, "I know AND I have crazy hair and I am really funny!"

Conversation with Verity last night, "Mom, I am not going to cry anymore. And I am going to listen to you and do what is right and say 'Yes, ma'am." Me, "Those are great ideas!" A few minutes later... Me, "Verity it is time to go to bed." Verity, "NO! I don't want to go to bed." me, Umm, do you remember what you just said you were going to do?" Verity, "Yes, I meant I would start that TOMORROW!"

"Mom, God did not make daddy's tattoos, daddy drew them. But God DID give me a tattoo, it is a flower right on my cheek."

Happy Birthday to my sweet, beautiful fun loving girl!

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