Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy 10th Birthday Karis Rose!

Today my sweet Karis turns 10!

Dear sweet Karis,

Ten years ago you made me a mom again! My sweet Valentine! You came into this world a week early, already doing things on your terms. You have challenged me every day of your life, stretching me to become a better person. Motherhood has a way of doing that, but especially when you are mothering a child so much like yourself. I have learned this year how much like me you are. I see all your struggles and feel them so much because I know exactly how it feels. I know what it is like to want to find out who you are, and have no idea how to do that or figure out who that is. And just to love so much and want to be loved. Your heart is beautiful.

This year you have faced all the changes of our family with grace and a few tears. But mostly just words of encouragement. Encouraging me and letting me know you were okay. You have embraced your new brother with kindness and compassion. You have in many ways found your place in our new home, but in others you are still finding it.

We moved to Kentucky, and you were SO EXCITED to be moving to the Horse Capital of the World. And then we went weeks without seeing a horse and you lamented. But we finally found some lessons. And you have ridden and you are really good at it. You are brave.You have courage to ask for things that I would not think of. You dream big. You have made friends. You love making movies with your siblings. And you love to help with the little kids at church. It is most Sundays that I find you holding a baby in one arm while eating lunch with the other in the basement at church. I love your heart. And I love your smile. You have become more beautiful with each year.

I am SO proud to be your mom. I love you Karis Rose!

Happy Birthday!