Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Verity!

Tomorrow, my little Verity turns 5!

It seems like we always travel on her birthday, and this year is no different, so she gets the joy of  driving for hours, but it is tradition and she gets to see family.  We try to make it as exciting as possible. We also usually get milkshakes and sing to her in the car.

Four has suited her beautifully. It is hard to imagine the little girl that used to scream for hours at the top of her lungs, could turn into one of the most joyful children in the world. Her stubbornness and spunk drove me close to insanity. I remember dreading giving her a time out, because I knew once it started it would last a minimum of an hour, often up to two. Two hours of screaming and fighting. She wore me out. But she loved just as sweetly. She would listen to me sing or read just one more song or one more book every night.

And then four came and she suddenly became her own person. With some self-control and independence. She is one of my favorite people in the world to spend time with. She is smart and funny and beautiful.

Yesterday she went to the store with me. I told her what we needed. She sat in her seat and said it a few times, then said, "Okay mom, I got it now, I remember everything on our list." And she did, I got three of the four items and asked her if we had it all, she said, "no, we forgot one thing!" And she was right, but it was at a different store :)

She has excelled at gymnastics this year and in her class, they said she acts like a little grown

With all her spunk and craziness she has given me many wonderful memories. Here are a few of my favorites:

Anya asked her if she could just go to bed quiet and easy, her response, "No, because that is just not how my life goes!"

She picks to watch Transformers and Super Hero shows just because she loves her brother David so much and wants to spend time with him.

She and David have a special bond, they have made up a special handshake and today he made her a birthday card that said, "Happy Birthday Verity! I am so happy you are my sister!"

One day at rest time I overheard her giving David "options," "David, these are your options," she said, "You can smell my feet, smell my underwear or smell my socks." David, "I do not like ANY of those options!" Verity, "Well, those are your only options. Pick one."

She uses scare quotes appropriately and frequently refers to Bozhi as her "little" brother. They play together and fight just as well.

She loves to draw and play and swim. She talks more than anyone I know. She has ideas about everything.

I love her and cannot wait to see what five brings.

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