Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Prayer Request....

Just when you think you cannot wait any longer, you have to keep waiting. It has been over three weeks, almost four since we got our verbal referral. Our case worker said, usually it is a week maybe two. She expects it any day. Hopes, she will hear this week. And I sit here and wonder why! Why are we waiting... I know God's timing is perfect. But why the wait. We are ready. We have the money for this trip, we have the money for our next country fee. We have talked to friends and family to work out details of who will take care of our precious children for the week we have to go. We are READY! But we are still waiting. Apparently it has something to do with paperwork that is not there or outdated on that end of things, in country stuff, that I cannot do anything about.

And the wait makes me anxious. And I would love if you could join us in praying that this mountain will move, that in my wait, I can be patient. And that we can hear soon.

Thank you so many friends who have joined with us praying and listening to me struggle with the wait. Please join us as we pray that this week we can hear, that all the details can be put into place, and we will continue to be ready to go.

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