Friday, January 10, 2014

A Little Update and A Prayer Request

It has been over a month since we have been back, and I feel like we are in just a holding pattern. We have done everything we can here. And we are waiting on there. 

I have felt peace and been patient. We have worked to get our doctor to order some tests, and sent that order overseas in hopes that maybe if he is seen by someone outside of the orphanage they might realize he is starving. Eyes might be opened and he might be fed. The government there has agreed. Now we wait for the director. 

Today we heard that our article 5 interview is next week. I am not 100% sure what this means, but I  know it is the next step in the process. Once it is issued, hopefully right after the interview, we need it signed, then we need a court date, another signature and we can go get him. It seems so simple, but it takes so long.

And this week... something horrible happened. A little girl in our son's orphanage died. Her family had just gotten back from their first trip. They were there just a week after us. She died on Sunday night. I am not sure what caused her death. But I do know she turned seven a couple of weeks ago. I also know she weighed ten pounds. My heart has broken and ached for this family. And fear has gripped me as we wait. Wondering how much longer he can wait. Our little boy turns seven in two weeks. He weighs twenty pounds. I thought and hoped that these ones, the ones that had made it this far were the ones that were going to make it. To hold on just a little longer. But this little girl could not. And I wonder how much longer so many others there can wait..for a mom and a dad and a family. 

Please keep praying for our little guy, that he can hold on, that the things that take so long, won't. And for these children that wait. That hearts will be opened to give them homes. 


  1. Heavenly Father, please watch over "Hamilton" and keep him safe and bring him to his loving family who anxiously await his arrival. And, Heavenly Father, please watch over all of the children of this world who have no one to love them and pray for them. Amen.