Thursday, March 1, 2012


I have to say, I am COMPLETELY overwhelmed, with gratefulness!

I started thinking of writing this post several days ago, when I was brought to tears thinking about how amazing God's timing and faithfulness is. I maybe have mentioned on here a few times that we have been waiting on a job. And I even did not write on here, because the only thing I had in my head was, "we need a job, we do not have one." And honestly I was sick of my own thoughts so why share them with people who did not HAVE to listen. I have been a limping lump of anxiety for twelve months, worry over a job, worry that my foot would never heal, worry over a job, worry about paying bills, worry over a job. It was the tape running through my mind. My husband and I wanted to be faithful in the midst of this time of waiting, to come out like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, not even smelling like the fiery trial we had just been through. Especially since the fire was not even that hot. But most people who have spent more than 5 minutes with me this past year know exactly all the troubles I've seen.

But the amazing part is that even though I am smelling pretty smokey, God was still faithful. See, we were supposed to not have a job this year. My husband was told last January (a year ago) that they were not renewing his contract for the coming year. This sent us into a definite panic mode. My husband plead his case to the administration and was granted a year to find a job. I do not know if I knew at the time what a gift that was, but we were given a WHOLE year to find a job. They told us in May that we would have this year, our contract expired in June. A big relief. So this year we have spent looking for a job. And he got one, a good one, a one at a place we hope will be a blessing to our family and where he can be a blessing to the school. AND the job starts this summer. When we moved here, we bought our first home and were grateful recipients of the "first time home buyer credit" which meant the government gave us a gift of $8000.00 with just the side note that we had to stay in our house for 3 years. Guess what?!?! July 9th of THIS year, not last, but this year our 3 years will be up. Our contract here ends June 31st and our new one starts August 1st, meaning, we will be moving right around July. We probably could not have planned the timing more perfectly if we tried. And, I would honestly have liked this tied neatly in a bow a year ago, to have saved me from all the worry and questioning, but now looking back I am certain this year has brought my family closer as we waited together, praying. I also am certain that this bow is not so neatly tied up yet. There are still a lot of loose ends.... and we continue to wait and pray, but overwhelmed with gratefulness.

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