Tuesday, February 4, 2014

They Keep Waiting....

We keep waiting... but in the midst of the waiting, I am reminded of all the kids that are waiting with no one to come.

This week, has been a REALLY hard week, I realize it is only Tuesday. My husband has been really sick, and my three year old as well. And the past two nights I have not slept more than four hours. And lets just say potty training and diarrhea DO NOT go well together. And sometimes, I wonder if I am in over my head. And I fear what people think with my hands so full already, adding another, I must be crazy. And adding another blessing, one I know is coming with severe needs is even crazier.

But NOT doing something is crazier!

Adoption takes stepping out of your comfort into uncomfortable. Steps taken in faith.
There is a little boy who DESPERATELY needs someone to take that step of faith.
This little boy who is waiting is named "Eric." Eric has epilepsy and major global delays. We have fundraised to get him a baba. He needs surgery. More than anything, he needs a family! He needs a family NOW, one that is ready to step out because he might not make it much longer. I hate that is even something that needs to be said.

Our agency is doing what it can to advocate and to see about surgery and possible other things that he might need. But in the end, he is still spending his time in this orphanage. A place where he spends a lot of time in a crib. There is an organization raising funds for orphans, called Owls for Orphans. A portion of all purchased items between February 1st and the 15th will be donated our adoption agency for Eric. The proceeds will either go to a family if they step up or to a medical fund set up to help him. They will even send the owl to an orphan if you have no one to give it to, but want to support this little boy.

If you are interested in adopting a child who's life is precious, a little boy who NEEDS a family. Please let me know and I will connect you with the person who can answer questions or help with starting the process.

And Patty is still waiting too.... the little girl I wrote about who has been deemed "too damaged"
Please pray for these precious children. Pray families will come forward. Pray that someone will see how much a family could make a difference. And please feel free to ask questions. I am so happy to share about our experience so far.

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