Saturday, February 23, 2013

God is in the Details

God was working long before we ever said "yes", before our family decided this was what we needed to do to be obedient to what we thought God was asking us to do. I am so aware this week, that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. There are so many details that have been providential.  When I look back on jobs and heartache and moves and questions it brings tears to my eyes because so often I wondered what on earth God was doing-- how could this all be part of His plan. Then suddenly God opened my eyes to see He was in the details, working long before I ever knew. We were walking in faith, taking steps we did not know would lead to who knows where, some reluctantly, some with complete joy. This week, I have seen God's provision and a glimpse of His working.

And I have seen other people stepping out in faith. Over the past couple of weeks, we have had people give money to help, we have raised just over $5000.00 in donations to help with all the adoption expenses. This is just over seven percent of the way to our goal. People have been beyond generous. And the money we needed has come just at the right time, at the moment we needed it. A check or a little extra then someone said they would give to cover expenses that needed covering.

And, we are so thankful to be part of something God is doing!

It seems like the world is getting smaller.

This week within hours of each other two friends said, "Hey, do you know so and so... they homeschool, she has three kids, they are adopting from Eastern Europe too?!?" From the same country to be exact, and they just so happen to live in this town-- our little town, in Arkansas. And they are adopting a little boy who is seven. Our little boy is six. I do not know her, but I am going to know her!

Earlier in the week a friend with tears in his eyes shared with my husband how he was at a conference and there was a man talking about orphanages in Eastern Europe... again, same country as we are adopting from. He is an attorney that works there, advocating for the rights of orphans. This conference in Michigan that our friend from Arkansas happened to be at. He talked to the man afterwards and mentioned that he knew a family starting the adoption process. He told him about our little boy in Eastern Europe. The man said he wants to help, if we can find out what orphanage he is at he will make sure Hamilton is okay when he is there, and he knows people there that can help in the process, he offered what he could do to help and we connected him with our case manager at our adoption agency.

It has been amazing to see God work in His goodness and faithfulness. We are so thankful!

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  1. love to hear of God working in your life and this wonderful journey! Will keep you in prayer!