Friday, February 8, 2013

Why are we Adopting?

Why are we adopting?
I always wanted to adopt. In my little world of dreams as a kid I was going to be successful, independent and a mother to children who needed one. But, I was not getting married.
Then I met Nathan. We met and were married a year and a half later. We married knowing little about what the future held. We did not discuss children or careers or much of anything. We were young and in love, and not much else mattered to us. We never discussed our own children, having any or how many, but did both agree one day... we wanted to adopt.
We believe in life, in choosing life, and each life is sacred.
And, we have been BLESSED with four wonderful children. I am so thankful for the gift of our children, but also aware that there are children still in need of families and homes.
Adoption never left my mind.
I always imagined we would adopt a child out of the foster system because there is such a huge need, and it does not usually cost tens of thousands of dollars. It just made sense. We would wait until our youngest was five or so and then start doing foster care. I was sure this was the plan for us. I remember even last year talking to a friend who adopted a little girl from Ethiopia about adoption, and sharing our plan. She told me she had a plan too, but God's plans are not always our plans. I was still sure that our family being what it was, already six people with a not very high paying job. Maybe we would not adopt, maybe we would be a home for foster kids, and love on them while we could. It is such a selfless life. I know quite a few families that do foster, and I admire their courage and their love. I wanted to be like them.
But then...
Someone posted on Facebook about a friend who had adopted from Eastern Europe. I read the blog because I almost always read anything about adoption, but also because the blog's title had my youngest's name in it, Verity, I never hear anyone with the name, so I read it, curious. And I wept. I asked Nathan to read it. He read it and walked in, in a matter of fact voice and said, "Hamilton, we need to adopt Hamilton." My heart broke all over for so many reasons, because I had loved him from the minute I saw him, this little boy, and because my husband was on the same page, not calling me crazy.
There were so many obstacles in the way. We were moving to a new state, starting a new job, life was about to change. Was this the time? We waited for months. But life started to settle, and I started to wonder if he was still waiting. So, I emailed, just to check, did he have a family yet? No, he is still waiting.
Sometimes when we go places or are just sitting as a family my husband says that he feels like we are missing someone.
There is room in our family for more.
There are so many children waiting for homes, so many children that need a mom and dad to love them, so many children that have been cast aside, it BREAKS my heart.
And he needs a home, and a family. It is as simple as that I think, that is why we are adopting, because this little boy needs a home and a family. And we would love for him to be in our family.

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