Thursday, February 14, 2013


Today we get to celebrate again our gift of love. Every Valentine's day, we also get to celebrate Karis. Today she turns eight. She could not wait to see what I would write about her on here. She must think more people read this than really do, that somehow she would be famous if I wrote about her on my blog! She said she knew what I would write, "Something about me being a drama queen, right mom?"

No, although it would fit, she is so much more than that. She is beautiful. She was born with the perfectly sculpted eyebrows and the sweetest dimple when she smiles and laughs. Karis loves and feels with all the passion she can muster, whether good or bad, you will never not know how this young lady is feeling. She loves and hates with just about the same amount of feeling. My mom once said, "Just to be around her is exhausting because she has so much energy you can feel it." And I think she is right; this young lady is FULL of energy and ideas, and sometimes that makes life really hard because when you are eight, your main role is doing well at school, obeying your parents, getting along with siblings, and playing with friends. Not changing the world, sometimes I wonder if that is what she is going to do.

As Karis has grown I have seen her become more of a person and less a ball of energy - tearing apart my life and my house! She is better able to express her ideas and genuinely works on controlling some of her feelings. I have seen how much she is like me, only she has courage that I never had. She is one of the smartest people I know, as she has advanced in school. She has struggled very little, quickly picking up just about everything I show her. Karis is funny; she makes us laugh so hard, especially when she is just being herself. She is learning to make friends. She complains about not having friends, but for the past two years, in Wisconsin and now here, at least half the time we go somewhere, there is someone waving frantically at Karis, "Hi Karis!" She, in a nonchalant way, explains where she knows them from and waves back. I think people like her; she just does not always know what to do with that.

She loves. Karis encourages me as a mom and thanks me when I am not expecting it. She is truly a gift to me, one that challenges me to be a better mother.

And since she really wants to read this...

Miss Karis Rose, today we celebrate you! Happy Birthday sweet girl. I pray this year will be a year full of blessings and I cannot wait to see what eight has in store for you. I love you! Mom.


  1. What a loving tribute to your daughter, Heather. She sounds like quite a young lady! Her pictures are beautiful ~ I'm glad her inside is pretty too. I'm Dylan's mom ... we've met on several occasions ... just wanted to leave a comment so that Karis would know someone read all of these wonderful things about her today! Happy Birthday ~ how special to be born on Valentine's Day!

    1. Thanks for the kind words and for commenting Dylan's mom! Blessings to you!