Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Little Side Note and something on RUNNING!

I am probably breaking every rule of blogging by combining my adoption blog with my regular, write about life blog, BUT it is hard to separate because in my world, there is no separation. My days consist of the regular- raising kids, homeschooling, reading books, cooking meals, running, AND my days consist of the constant thought running through my head, "we are adopting a little boy, what do I need to do..."A list goes through my head, prayers are raised for this little man we long to bring home, and I go back to life, normal, here life. It all happens as I change diapers and vacuum floors and move about my day. Hamilton has become a part of our world already as my children make remarks... David says, "I miss Hami, I hope he is having a good day at his house today." and Verity with every picture she makes, "This one is for Hami, he is my BEST friend!" They recognize his picture and we pray for him as a family. It has become part of our world, HE has become part of us already, so maybe it seems strange to me to separate him from this blog, this little part of my world, because he is so much already a part of the rest of my world. AND all these things, the regular life, the adoption stuff, it all involves loads and loads of coffee and imagining I can sit and share it with friends at a coffee shop (Hence the Cafe au Mommy)-- the coffee shop is preferably on a cobblestone street somewhere in Paris!

Anyways, this post is supposed to not be about adoption because like I said life is still going here. One of the things I have been SO thankful for lately is the ability to run. I am certain I have more of an appreciation for it since not being able to run for over a year. I am also thankful for the community that it provides. There is something about running with other women before the sun comes up in freezing cold weather with no make up on and sweating and suffering together that provides a bond like no other. This morning it took everything in me to get up and run. I was actually texting my friend to cancel when another friend texted to say she wanted to join us. I thought, no way can I let them suffer alone, so I deleted my text and said, "Yes, we are running! Come!" That was at nine o'clock last night, we were a half an hour from home and had to still drive home and get kids ready for bed. It was after eleven thirty when I laid down to sleep, my alarm set for 5:30 in the morning. At 5:33, one of the women again texted to say she was skipping, the radar looked like rain. But at this point I was already up and my other friend was meeting me, so I got on my running clothes and drove to our meeting point, hoping if it did do something it would at least snow. Oh, where did the 75 degree sunny days of last weekend go! It is snowing and sleeting and freezing today! The wind was cold, the air was cold. But we met to run. And as we were getting ready to run we saw another woman running by herself. Someone my friend knew. She yelled, "Hey, want to join us?!?!" "Sure," she said. And off we went. And for the next forty minutes in the dark and freezing cold we rain. And I got to know this other mom in my city. We ran on dark, now becoming familiar paths. The kind that are actually more familiar in the dark than the day because that is when I see them the most. And the three of us talked about being moms and running and life. When I got home and had gotten everyone breakfast, made pumpkin bread, taken out the garbage and drunk some coffee I went in and woke up my husband and said, it is eight o'clock and I have run 4.5 miles, made pumpkin bread, fed kids, taken out the garbage AND already made a new friend, what a great start to a day. I had another friend comment how I already know way more people than she does in town. And I thought, it is because I run. There is something SO great about the community of runners. And I am SO thankful for all my running friends, new and old!

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