Thursday, May 23, 2013

A lot is happening!

The life of a mom, is far from boring.

There is so much going on that sometimes I forget to write it down because stopping to write means I have time, and lately time, is a luxury.

Currently I have a two year old who is attempting to potty train. She is very excited about turning three soon, pull ups and being a big girl! However the first time she went, she looked at me and said, "that was weird!" It might take us a while to get this "weird" thing called potty training down.

My two oldest have joined a swim team in town. I have learned that my oldest, my Anya, is INCREDIBLY competitive. They swim four days a week, and Anya always pushes herself. She loves the hard workouts and is thriving. Karis, likes to wave at me half way down and frequently just hangs on the side smiling. She is  not nearly as competitive, but learning to swim. Karis also continues to horseback ride. She is learning a lot and it takes a lot of courage, which has been great to see.

David has started to make some friends on his own. He and Verity spend most mornings playing in the backyard on adventures while the girls work on school. They are best friends! We tried our hand at canoeing on Sunday, we learned David is NOT a fan. Half way through the trip, he yelled, "We are never going to make it!" And Nathan and I unfortunately burst out laughing because you could touch the bottom of the creek and only have it up to your ankles, the canoe actually got stuck on the bottom. But dry land is for him. When we got to shore, he took off running!

We completed our homestudy two weeks ago for the adoption. The social worker is writing up the report and hopefully soon it will be complete. In the mean time, we have been completing the training courses, which are supposed to take twelve hours, but took closer to twenty it seemed. It is amazing to me the amount of training that goes into adoption and the requirements, at times it is very overwhelming, but I know it is necessary, and it is what we do. And we completed them, which was a huge relief. Next steps are waiting for the homestudy, then sending off for our I-800, when that comes back then everything needs to be apostilled and finally, sent as a big dossier to Bulgaria, where it will all be translated and at some point, we will go on our first trip. It will be a few months though.

In the mean time, we are set to close on our house in Wisconsin TOMORROW! After a year of waiting, it is going to be done it looks like. We are praying right now, because we are still waiting for some documents that need signing and it all needs to be over-nighted to get to Wisconsin by 10 a.m. tomorrow when they close.

And finally Nathan is making a movie and after a lot of attempts at fundraising, they have actually gotten investors and some famous people to be in the movie. I do not think I can go into it all because nothing has actually been signed, the famous people part. But it has all been a little surreal as he sits on the phone with so and so's manager after dinner. And they got distribution, which is apparently a big deal too.

And as a result of the movie we are getting ready to head to Chicago for just over a month in July. Summer is coming, we are finishing up school and get ready for lots of play dates, long days at the pool and hopefully minimal fighting!

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