Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Cost of Adoption

The cost of adoption...
I think it is one of the things that deters most people from adopting. You hear the number $35,000/adoption and it is staggering. Who just has that lying around!?!
We certainly have not, I pray that one day we will, that we can just give towards adoption, to help people with this overwhelming cost. I have learned I hate asking people for things-- especially money.
But I have to face it at this point we are not one of those families that has thousands and thousands of dollars lying around for adoption. We have to rely on help. And we have had so many people help. We have reached just over $8000.00 is donations toward bringing Hamilton home. We still have a long way to go.

I just wanted to share with those who wonder why it is so expensive where all the money goes. This is just a general expense sheet not necessarily for our adoption, but just a general, international adoption.

Here it goes..
Application $500-$700 (paid)
Homestudy $1000- $3000 (paid)
Country Fees $5000-$10000
Agency Fee $6000- $8000 (half paid)
Post-Adoption $300-$1000
Adoption Education Courses $50-$150 (paid)_
United States Citizenship/Immigration Filing Fee $740
Fingerprinting$ 84
Passports (2) $270 (paid)
Notarizing $500 (so far we have someone who does this for free! Yeah!)-- although this Apostilling thing probably goes in here and it costs $2-$10/document/everything needs to be apostilled ( partially paid)
2 round trip airfares for two adults $4000-6000 (estimate)
Child's one way airfare (I can't wait til we get to get this!) $500-1000 (estimate)
In country lodging/meals $1000-3000 (complete estimate)
Medical for Child's visa $100
Child's US Visa $230
Incidentals $500 (just an estimate again!)

If you add up the least of each of these you get. $21,370 if you add up the most you get $35,274. We fall toward the upper end of things, right around $35,000.00 when all the expenses are paid.

We are very quickly coming up on paying our country fee and needing to finish our agency fee, which means in the next few weeks we need about $10,000.00. We have paid all that is listed as "paid" above with the just over $8000.00 given and have about $1500.00 in our adoption account we set up. SO that means that in the next month or two we need $8500.00. That is a big amount, but so far, God has provided what we needed when we needed it. And I will continue to humble myself and ask for help in bringing Hamilton home. If you feel led to give, please do, again, $10 can make a HUGE difference. If you have questions about all this again, please ask. We will be doing some more fundraising in the near future, but wanted to put out their our need. And again, anyone that donates $10 or more toward Hamilton's adoption, we will be signing their name on the quilt we are making for Hamilton! Thanks so much for taking time to read all this, and learning a bit about the whole adoption process with us as we wade through this big adventure.

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