Friday, August 31, 2012


Change has happened so much recently in our house that it seems this is possibly the normal and change would actually be a settled down life.
I used to crave change. I thought if we would move, I would get to start over, I would get to be a new me, one that maybe people liked a lot more
And the first time I got to change, was college. A new scenery and I loved it.
But over the past few years change has become our new constant. And I crave the normalcy of no change.
The thing I am thankful for is that despite all the changes we face, the moving, the new friends, new church, new grocery store, new running routes, new schedules, new everything. Despite the new starting outs. God does not change.
And this convicts me, because as a child of God, I am held up by that promise, that God does not change. He is constant.
I think in the midst of my changes, I need to keep some constants in my life, some same stories read, the same bed, the same favorite meals. Things that make change a little easier for all these little people counting on me to get them through the change.

This post was written for 5 minute Fridays..


  1. Good Morning! I'm here from Lisa Jo's place and I'm so glad I get to visit you today. The reminder that God changes never gets old and I find it so encouraging as I read your words with my cup of coffee near by.

    Blessings to you and your family!

  2. May your family be sweetly blessed.