Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I love coffee, I am not overly particular about it, but it is rare that I go a day without it. I started just being able to drink Starbucks. We should have bought stock in the company because "grande nonfat no-whip mocha" became such a common phrase in my house that my two year could tell her father what mom would want if he was at Starbucks. Well, our budget does not love Starbucks, so it became more like a once a week phrase. However, we have  now moved to a place where while running I hear roosters crowing and cows mooing early in the morning and the closest Starbucks is 40 minutes away!!! Thankfully as a going away present my bosses bought me a Keurig. (I had dreamed of one for over a year) And my running friends bought me some Starbucks K-cups. So I have been making due. 

But then we went to a new friend's house who was talking about making your coffee healthier. They add butter from grass fed cows and coconut oil instead of creamer or milk. As they described it, the butter from grass fed cows has more omega 3's which help your body absorb the other things we need from fruits and vegetables throughout the rest of the day. (full disclaimer that this was just information I blindly accepted as true-- I do know that the butter from grass fed cows does have more omega 3s and I have heard they are good for you) and coconut oil has lots of health benefits, some of which can be found here. So, I am giving it a try, since Starbucks is clearly out.  

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